Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not my favorite vehicles — MidWeek Blues

My favorite cars are generally Fords (I have three, a 1960 Tudor Deluxe, a 1974 Mustang II Ghia, and a 1998 Mustang GT Convertible) although our family car is a General Motors. And they have been since 1990.
My twin sons had Chevy Cameros while they were in high school. Their first car was a shared 1962 VW Bug with a nice fold up sun roof. It was a nice car that was my only car while I was single. Unfortunately the engine blew.

They both had good jobs with an ice cream store making them able to finance and make payments on the Cameros. Mitch had a gold 1969 Z-28 similar to the one on my calendar. Mike's was a 1968 RS painted like this one. They were both good cars and so they kept until their college years.

I do like my NAPA Calendars. I have most of them dating back to the 1970's. NAPA is a good auto parts store here in Texas. They are nation wide, you may have one in your town.

Our NAPA is better than most auto parts stores as they have a machine shop to rebore engine blocks and bearing ports as well as plane heads and grind crankshafts. They will even pull gears off your shaft if you don't have a puller.

This four wheeler belongs to our friend Don who keeps it at his ranch. Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class had a very enjoyable picnic there a couple of weeks ago.

I have never ridden a four-wheeler but I did ride a three wheeler. They are a lot of fun but living here we would have to trailer it out of the subdivsion to find a place to ride. Deed restriction prohibit their use here were we live.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Reunion — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

The Reunion:

Our daughter, Karen, was stranded in London last week. She went for a work project and was supposed to come home a week ago, Saturday, April 17. Due to the volcanic action in Iceland she could not leave.

Finally when flights resumed, she was fortunate to get a flight home last Friday, April 23.

We were all hoping on hopes that KP would still know her mother. She sure did know Momma Karen and welcomed her home with a BIG SMILE. She was still smiling for this picture. KP loves her mum.

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