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my Five things

One:  Entertaining ~~
Wednesday evening we had these three ladies and their husbands here at our house for dinner.  The three on the right are Friday golfing buddies with Mrs. Jim.

From left to right are Mrs. Jim, Marta, Ellen, and Diane.  I am sorry but I don't have pictures of their husbands nor any of the food we ate.

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Two:  Retiree Luncheon ~~
Before I retired I taught business subjects for 22 years at San Jacinto College (link) in Pasadena, Texas.  The North Campus hosted the luncheon for us. 

Our famous and richest alumni include Steve Francis, Sam Cassell, Roger Clements, Andy Pettitte, and Patrick Swayze.  I had Steve and Sam for class.

Seated at the table to the right are Roy, Me, Mrs. Jim, Mrs. Carol, Carol, and Chick.  The four of us men represented the Business Department for the Central and South Campuses.  The group from the North Campus were sitting at another table. 
The Culinary Program students cooked the food and waited our tables.  We all went through a serving line for the really good food.  I ate my purple flower in the salad, Mrs. Jim and some others did not.  The young lady who cooked the vegetables also served them.  My cheesecake had strawberry flavored trim.


Three:  Spring Gardening things ~~
This is our pretty holy tree.  Note that the lower part leans to the right but the top portion is straight up.  Hurricane Ike (my blog link) did its best to uproot our tree back in 2008.

Most time I show it in the winter  when the leaves and berries are bright and shiny.  In the spring however it sheds its leaves and berries and grows a new helping.

On the left below are berries and leaves that have fallen.  The red berries are this year's, black ones are from last year.  The birds eat a lot but our bird population is not high enough to get them all eaten.

The middle picture above shows how the new berries come on while the old red ones are getting ready to fall.  On the right is a picture of our neighbors to the right pretty front yard.  She lets Mrs. Jim pick flowers from her plants to make our center pieces.

Four:  Read you car again ~~
This was how my car greeted me when I was leaving my doctor's office Wednesday.  It says that SOMEONE in our family who drives this car a lot lets the gas tank get pretty empty.

My orthopedic doctor had just cleared me for two years absence before returning to him.  He replaced my left knee joint with one that I was not born with. (link)

Not Numbered:  Left over from Flag Day ~~
Our subdivision had American Flags flying all over the place that day.  This is our East Entrance.

Five:  Sunday was Fathers Day ~~
Again, no food pictures but here is a picture of me reading the menu.  We ate Greek at Niko Niko's in Houston.  (link)

I had the cabbage roll stuffed with chopped lamb and beef and rice with a Greek salad, rice, and pita bread. Mrs. Jim had the Kid's Gyro meal which also had a soft drink, or milk, apple sauce, and potatoes.  We had some left over for another meal at home.  Plus Megan (granddaughter) had given me one of her stuffed bell peppers and some more potatoes.


Above is me reading the menu.  On my right is son, Tim and on my right is son, Mitch.  After we had eaten Mrs. Jim and I drove over with granddaughter Megan and Husband James to see their first house.  It is a nice home with a large yard. 

They are doing extensive remodeling to include completely gutting the kitchen and removing a wall there.  They had just moved in this weekend and the kitchen and other parts where not completed.  I.e, no kitchen cupboards yet, etc.


This is the dining table center piece for the golfing ladies dinner.  Mrs. Jim had made it from some of the neighbor's roses.  Everyone liked it.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Succintly Yours

Bob purposely entered the wrong way on the people mover. He would have a treadmill by walking against it.

Ultimatum: all you people move off.

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Picture prompt furnished by GMa -- Optional Word of the Week: Ultimatum

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