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Weekend Roundup -- 03-18 (for letter "C")

Weekend Roundup
Starts with "C"  ~~   Week's Favorite  ~~  Clouds 
Starts with "C": Cell phone -- on health Care (starts with "C")
"Note from Lucy: As some of you know, I go to a natural health care doctor. He tested me, while holding my cell phone, and suggested that I wear a magnetic bracelet on my wrist while using the cell phone. Ever since then, I wear two little magnetic bracelets when I am using my cell phone or am using my ham radio, since they emit radio waves. I think I would rather be safe than sorry. TF used a hands free unit while driving. So far I haven't been able to get him to wear the magnetic just isn't "manly"...."
from a Blog entry from my blogging friend, Lucy Stern, now inactive, on Cell Phone Safety,

This was about my fifth .  My first Cell Phone was a Sprint, it's in a drawer someplace.  Then I killed a bunch, washed one in my pocket with my clothes, dropped one, and another lost it's display (then became useful only to answer calls with).

This one, about my 5th,  I dunked in my coffee cup.  What was a cup of coffee doing in the cup holder where I generally keep the phone?  I replaced it with a Dollar Store phone, $9.95.  It had no camera. 

Now I use a Galaxy 5 hand-me-down data phone from my son.  I love it. I get e-mail, check my blogs, Google, check the weather, and a few other things with it.  Picture is from my-six-words-miss-her-lot-my-cell-phone .  That phone was very old, I inherited it.

2. Week's Favorite:  A dozen frozen Runzas we had forgotten about.  We picked them up in Blair, Nebraska (north of Omaha about 30 miles).  You can only find them in Nebraska and a few other surrounding states.  They are my favorite "sandwich". Runza mentioned posts

According to the restaurant menu, "Runza® Sandwiches are made by hand and baked fresh, everyday. A Runza® Sandwich is a delicious blend of fresh ground beef, onions and special spices all baked inside homemade bread."  Mrs. Jim has a recipe Mom gave her for these from the Omaha World Herald, it uses some cooked cabbage.  Source, my January 24, 2006 Jim's Little Blog posting.
3. Clouds: Below, Left is the typical Texas rain Cloud. Note it had already rained from another cloud. It was long before we had a downpour from this one.

At the Right is what I call a Wafting Orphan Cloud. I believe it is a Pleasure Cloud, just floating along, basking in the sun with now problems whatsoever.

4.1. Lagniappe: Citroën Car Logo (starts with "C")
found at

4.2. Lagniappe: A Citroën Car that Mrs. Jim would like.

"Mrs. Jim really likes these Citroën 2cv cars. She likes blue ones too and would drive one around here if I would get her one."  [This one was parked on the street in France, near where we stayed, a short walk to the Eifel Tower.]
"I do have a blue Citroën in much better shape than this one. I am saving it in case I want to do mischief with it. Have to plan my escape route carefully, their top speed is 40 mph. Mine is a 1:18 scale diecast from Solido (
link for a grey one,  [mine is blue, same mold, same manufacturer]). I bought it in France back in 1992." Excerpted from my July 29, 2009 post -- Take a peek,

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