Friday, March 08, 2019

Weekend Letter "J";

The 10th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year...
the Letter "J". Prompts are:
(A) Starts with "J"; (B) A Favorite; (C) Jump; and (D) Reflection(s).


(A) Starts with "J":  Today I've brought you a collection of my nine Jeeps I have handy in my files.  I've posted them before on a Friday meme series so If you've seen them already that is the way it goes.  [click on the pictures for larger sized viewing]

(B) A Favorite:  I like Jeeps, this green Jeep we found in Key West is my favorite. But I've taken owning a Jeep off my bucket list. I did have possession of one for a week and a half in Maui. It was red.   And my sons has an older Jeep.

My love affair with Jeeps when a neighbor when I was growing bought one of the first ones ones civilians could buy after WWII.  It was a dark dull green color and looked like the military Jeeps. Willys and now Chrysler have made most of the Jeeps. 

a Ford army jeep courtesy of Wikipedia freebee (Ford GPW)

But during WWII Ford also made army Jeeps.  I would have liked a Surplus one back when I belonged to the Early Ford Club, any Ford owner of Fords from 1932 through 1953.  For you slightly GearHead folk, those 'could have had' a Flathead Ford V8 engine.

(C) Jump:  I like to watch cats jump high, extremely high in proportion for their height.   This is my BIL's cat.  They also like to sit atop the refrigerator as they give off heat that comes up from behind.  I know if he had a Jeep the cat would Jump on top.

(D) Reflection(s):   Look into the windshield and your will see a reflection of a vehicle in the adjacent carnival ride.  This was taken of our granddaughter, KP, at the Hyde Park at London, U.K. 

Other Jeeps you might like: 

A London Jeep

My son has a red jeep like this

Pink decorations on this one

A friends Jeep for when he went Jeeping with his son

If I bought a Jeep today it likely would be Yellow
. . . .

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