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The Letter "D" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The fourth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter "D" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "D";
(B) "Dark" (Tom's choice);
(C) A Favorite; and
(D) Reflections. 
_ _ _ _

(A.1) Starts with the Letter "D":  Deer starts with "D" (look behind the fourth wilderbeast 'cow' on the right).  These scrawny Deer were rescue animals at the Aquilla Animal Preserve outside Cape Town,  South Africa,  where we visited three weeks ago during my blogging and writing Sabbatical.   

That involved a 30 Day cruise from Dubai over to India and then down to Cape Town, South Africa, aboard the Oceania shop Nautica.   We made numerous stops along the way.  

I would recommend that this be on everyone's bucket list after when your finished  cruising, driving, or flying to the usual places, or most of them. 

(A.2) Also starts with the Letter "D":  Device also starts with "D".  This Device, you may call it an appliance, is my new bridge that I received from my Dentist this morning.  

I was fitted with an impression before we left and after my tooth on the right was pulled, this morning it was ready for me to wear. The two teeth on the left I've been missing so now I can chew on both sides. 

I can hardly wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings, money most times.

(B) "Dark" (Tom's choice):  it was nearly Dark here on the middle of No Place out on the Indian Ocean.   Taken from our balcony, note that we could hide out there from those pilating from the flying bridge.

Although the sun had set, the red remained to make a nice Reflection out in the distant water.

(C) A Favorite:  My Dear Wife celebrated her birthday January 1, 2020 at a specialty restaurant on board our ship, the Oceania Nautica.   She had a steak, my dish was lobster.

Our table was at the back of the ship by a nice window.  Of course it was Dark outside so we didnt see anything out there.  We had spent the day out in the rain at the Maldives Islands.  

(D) Reflections:  From our back water boat trip out of Cochin, India. 
 _ _ _ _ 

My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you'd like):

1. What all is on your  bucket list?   As far as traveling, mine is pretty well used up . As far as traveling goes, mine is pretty well used up.  Still I wish to travel more.   I would like to get my ham radio back on the air.

2. How many of your permanent teeth do you still have ?   I think I have seven of them and three wisdom.teeth missing, six are replaced by two bridges.  My sister replaced all of hers when she was in her thirties. She is on her third or fourth set now.  Search my blog for "Lois".

Bonus Questions:

1. What is your favorite "Dword?   
This time it will be Day.  I always hope for a nice surprise each new Day.

2.  Where at have you taken a nice water trip?    Next to this backwater trip it probably have been a swamp ride in the Louisiana Achaffel River Basin looking for alligators.   Our guide failed with lurring some by tossing marshmallows into the swamp.  So the fish had to eat them. 
_ _ _ 

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