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The Letter "O" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections


The fifteenth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...

- the Letter "O" Prompts are: 
(A) Starts with the Letter "O"; 
(B) "Open" (Tom's choice); 
(C) A Favorite; 
(D) Reflections. 

Again this month, April 2020, I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month daily posting of a poem of sorts.  Mine are HERE for this year.  See "Labels" at the bottom to read them and other year's poems I have written.
_ _ _ _  

(A) Starts with the Letter "O": "Oh" starts with "O". Here, this guy was shut in for COVID 19 isolation so he was helping his wife by doing Honey Do's. His wife had lost a sock in the dryer. The result? "Oh oh!! "

I had better luck with my Honey Do.  Mrs. Jim accidentally dropped a necklace in her sink and it went 'down the drain.'  I had plunged it until no more hair was coming up but the necklace didn't come.  

She had a horrible mess to move out from under the sink so I could lay down a doggy towel as likely water would all go into my bucket.  It wasn't down in the "P trap" so that meant pulling the plunger.  Again things came apart pretty easily with no major spills.  

The last step was to lift the plunger and there it was, stuck in the mechanism and fairly well surrounded by hair but the silver cross was showing through.  Now to put it back together which seemed hard, it wasn't much harder because I had taken mental notes taking it apart.  

How did I get so smart?  I am mechanically inclined and ambidextrous.  Also I watched two women doing the same job on YouTube.  This one, click here has better explanations.  If you need to look into the P-tube look for other YouTube presentations showing this.  (I would not have had to take it off as it was caught in the Pop-up-stopper mechanism and not down in the P-tube.)

(B) "Open" (Tom's choice): I have no idea what make and model this would be.  It is an "Open" vehicle.  I thought perhaps there would be a clue if I took a picture.  There may be a front logo but I'm not going into another persons driveway.  

(C) A Favorite:   There was a faint knock on our door a couple of hours ago. I went to the door, no one was there, I Looked down through the glass and saw something on the rug. 

It was a small purple sack, that was the back side, that I saw.  And on the front though, was a long eared bunny glued there, inside was a package of five sugar cookies frosted with pastel colored frosting decorations. Two butterflies and three sugar cookies.   We are old, my elderly sister had a bag of groceries at her door (Iowa, we are Texas).

Sleuthing we found that the neighbor family down and across the street had left ours.  Their daughter and KP (our youngest granddaughter) attend school and play together.

(D) Reflections:  I was taking a picture of the pink full April Moon.  Where I was standing there was a pretty Night Reflection in the pool.  But it doesn't show up more in the phone camera shot. 

If you don't like the one above, this evening walk just across from our mailboxes produced this show.

(E)  Lagniappe:  "O" is also for "Old".  
     1.  We are "Old People".  The new Buzz Word is "Elderly", but really in plain words we are "Old". (Sign picture I took in Scotland, 2017)

     2.  Cleaning out a little, I found this "Old Friend", our back scratcher.  While being shut ins, we are connecting with Old Friends, 'virtually'.    

This old back scratcher was Mrs. Jim's,  she likely had it before we were married.  It played second fiddle after she got me, I also love to scratch her back, even after 47 years she still likes it too.

Where was this lost friend?  In a box with the subject note book, the movers had packed them away five years ago.  I just opened the box yesterday, it was labeled (Jim's) Cast Iron Toy Cars, and was in with the cars.
 _ _ _ _ 
My Two Questions (you can answer just one if you wish).

(1)  What is your Favorite Open Item and Why?   Mine is a box of Valentines Day Candy that I only get out when I am ready to share.  
  (2)  What do you think of when we are discussing "Getting or Being Old"?   I think of the good times we had driving while traveling, all over Europe and in the Caribbean.  I hope I am not too Old now for the car rental folk or the countries we might visit.  (Visit my Driving Pictures link)

 Bonus Questions: 
(1) what is your favorite "O" word?  This time it will be "Over"   I will be so glad when this horrible sequence of events with COVID 19 is over.

(2)  What is the worst thing to look at in your neighborhood?    Out in the street below us was an old work semi trailer that must have been hauling bulldozers.  We call the POA about it several times.  That must have worked because it stopped being there.  (BTW, that nasty one-seater-cut-off vehicle I pictured above is a couple of streets over from us.

(3)  Have you anything still packed away from a move, never unpacked.  Tell about it if so, PLEASE.   I have more boxes in my office and in the garage.  Mrs. Jim is hoping that she wouldn't be stuck with them still unopened if I pass away first.
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Note:  The label for any year's poems will necessarily start with 2020 because I have them also listed in "Labels" there.  Be patient with the 2020's and when they are finished your selection will begin. (I hope)

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