Friday, July 24, 2020

The Letter "D" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The twenty-ninth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter D" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "D";
(B) A Couple (Tom's Choice);
(C) A Favorite; and
(D) Reflections.
_ _ _ _

(A) Starts with the Letter "D":   "Die Afrikannse Taalmonumt" is The Afrikaans Language Monument dedicated to the acceptance of "Afrikaan as the official language of South Africa.  We visited the monument on a hill not too far away. (

Wikipedia Link)

For us the sign, one of the lines, directed us on the "Road to Our Winery Picnic and Tasting."  And the monument is pretty and large.

Look like good South African fun outing?  Each couple had a basket full of good food.   We were a ways northwest out of Cape Town.

(B) Dark (Tom's Choice):  I am afraid of the Dark and what can't be seen in the Dark

One thing I am not afraid of is the International Date LineAt the right is a picture of it from our plane, out the window.  Unfortunately, it was Dark outside. 
We were over the ___ Sea flying from Australia to our home near Houston, Texas.

(C) A Favorite:  This is the Outhouse on our farm.  Unfortunately a tree fell on it and then it became unusable.  Fortunately for indoor plumbing coming in 1938 along with electricity. 

Fortunately also was that my little sister would walk with me before bedtime, in the Dark.  That she only did if I let her carry the flashlight.

(D) Reflections:   We were at the "Old Town" in South Dubai looking across the water to the city North.
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