Friday, January 22, 2021

Letter "D" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The fourth issue this week of my 2021 WEEKEND ROUNDUP postings and ... (THE FOURTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES) - the Letter "Delightful" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "D"; (B) "D" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe.
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Starts with the Letter "D":  Dog starts with "D", "this is Henri, he lives with a blogging friend.  Henri is 8 weeks old and is 7 pounds of fluff and love. He is a Bernedoodle. 

(B) "Delightful"  (Tom's Choice):  Zebras at Water.  They are Delightful and once I had wanted to use them for "Z" to go with the others on my June 26, 2020, go-around but NOW is their chance to sneak in.  The were on my "free" calendar for November. 


(C) A FavoriteDaughters (2) and granddaughters (4), great granddaugters (3), and great-great grandaughter (1).  The four above are Mrs. Jim, youngest granddaughter, younger daughter, and older daughter. 

(D) Reflections:   Muddy waters after a washing rain make for interesting Reflections.  

Wind ruffled water here makes a poor Reflection. 

(E) A Lagniappe:  A new future in a sweet older couple's  lives.
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Bonus Questions:

(1)   Tell a bit about your experience or feelings about

 having a puppy.   Adi, our Beagle Dog, belonged, and probably still does, to our younger daughter.  It was purchased as a pup, a purebred, but cheaper without papers.  

Two problems came up real quick, first, they lived in a third floor apartment and that meant carrying a puppy up and down two flights of stairs for potty training and any outings.  Also Adi didn't like being left alone and began to eat the walls iin the utility room where her bed was.  

So Adi soon came to live with us.  Adi died in 2012.

Click here, Link to Adi's Meme

(2) What is your favorite Word starting with  "D"?   Mine today will be "Daughter" , I have two, younger one working at home for COVID-19 period, and the other picking up the pieces after her husband died two weeks ago, of a combination COVID-19 and heart problems.  Both are precious in our family.

(3) Anything else you were reminded of here that you  would like to tell about? 

My going blogs:

Jim's Little Blog,

Jim's Little Photo and Picture Place,

Jim's little Christmas tree farm,, and  

Ask Dr. Jim (blog), 

Cars I have owned (32 including the Golf Car)

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 Fine print stuff: 

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 - I am linked with Tom of "Backwoods Travel" (Link here to click for Tom's Weekend Reviews

 - I am also linked this week with James of "Weekend Reflections" (click here for his Reflections Photos).

 - The pictures mostly are all mine and rights are reserved to me under Copyright Law. 

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