Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Day before Mothers Day

Billy's '53 Ford Sunliner
[click pictures to enlarge]

Charles '41 Ford Fordor

Al's '35 Ford Convertible Sedan

Jim's '46 Ford Fordor

Art's '50 Ford Convertible

Glen's '42 Ford Convertible

John's '37 Ford Pickup

We treated out wives very well the Saturday before Mothers Day, we took them to a picnic in the park.

We were the members of the Montgomery County Early Ford V-8 Club. Incidently, we are a local chapter of the national EarlyFordV-8 Club of America (
link). Our chapter has 26 members and a few more cars than that.

We all met at the Brookshire Bros. parking lot in Montgomery and drove as a group to the Washington-on-the-Brazos State park (
link). That is a one hour-34 mile drive, from Montgomery through the scenic green Texas hills. It was a beautiful top-down Texas day. A lot of people were out, they sure do turn their heads (our way) when we go by.

These last two are not "Early Ford V8s," nor was Herschel's 90's Buick LeSabre which I missed at picture time.

Ray's '60s Mercedes Convertible







Jim's (my) '98 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

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Well, Jim I must confess that I cheated yesterday. I still might have gotten it wrong though, knowing me! I'll not cheat this time and say they used 2 different ones. Wrong or right????

Those are some nice old cars you pictured there! Beauties and worth a bundle.
Billy thinks there are two 'trucks,' one for the TV show and one for the movie.
That is because his answer didn't match mine.
1953... now THAT was a very good year.
Methinks it the same model driven by the Gilbreths of "Cheaper by the Dozen" fame.
I used to have a '51 Ford convertible. Wish I still had it, but it was involved in a wreck and the frame was bent.
Wow Jim those cars are super!

Did you treat your wifes to a picnic lunch prepared by the men folk?
I made a pretty nice lunch (turkey, salami, swiss with vegs sandwich as the main course) for Mrs. Jim. Some stopped and got chicken, etc.
I had one 1953 Ford in my life. SOME younger people were born that year. Or 1951?
Jim, I just read your blog in a blogging class and want to tell you that we have a 53 sunliner like yours only ours has a white top. This is Tom and Kathy in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Thanks, Tom and Kathy, for visiting my site. I'm glad you left a comment.
Are you in the Early Ford V-8 Club there?
We meet every month for a tour and lunch.
My e-mail address is

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