Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Infamous Feet -- Contest Winners?

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Well, maybe not

Even so, they sure are keepers of mine. Tell you about all that business in a minute. First, several reasons why they should win the Ugly Foot Contest (
link to Ken Hoffman article)(link to my post about the article), at least the right one.
  1. Look at those two web toes on the right foot, no they don't Google or surf (except under water).
  2. How about the big toe nail on the right one? I tried to cure the fungus last winter, the nail fell off and is just now growing back on.
  3. Bunions anyone? Mrs. Jim has worse ones, our foot doctor wants to correct hers.
  4. They are both flat as the proverbial (Proverbs 5:3--smooth) pancake. Our foot doctor wants to repair the right one. He says it is just plain worn out. It kept me on crutches for three months in 2004, from September to October.
  5. None of the nails look very good. Had I been wearing these flip-flops, our vet people probably would have cut them for free when I got Adi's cut (link).
  6. How about crooked toes? Try to find a straight one here.
  7. No blisters, but lots of callouses. That ought to count for more tender concern than measly blisters.
  8. Eat your heart out Ken Hoffman, cause I wasn't invited. I can't run anymore and I don't skate. Well, I do skate, just haven't for a long time.


Now for the merits of these feet, aside from being not very pretty.

  1. They have walked over 500,000 miles walked a lot, at least 75,000 miles. at three per day. Remember, I walked one mile each way each day for grades one through eight. When I was running, I ran from two to six miles a day. [Shucks, I put over 300K on my Chevy S-10 just going to work and back. Well, a few trips to Corpus Christie, Waco, Louisiana, and Nebraska, but I'm sure I've walked as much as those trips besides the commute.]
  2. It's not only how far they have walked, more importantly to me is where. They have crossed Jesus' path several times a day for a week while we were in Israel in 1980. Too, we went to the Bible lands and walked to where the disciples and the new disciple, Paul had walked. We did miss Greece, but got Egypt pretty good. Jesus was there when he was very young. For all the other places I've walked, see my 'about me.'
  3. They are prime targets for foot rubs. Mrs. Jim even got me some foot rubbing lotion. She doesn't care much for rubbing them though, so I just rub them on the carpet. They aren't ticklish one bit.
  4. I've grown attached to them. If I'm 104 years old, so are they, or whatever age. Like my twins, not a day older and not a day younger than me.
  5. Those two web toes, they carry on a family tradition. And now the trait has been passed on to my daughter, Susie. The one who wanted to go to jail back in April.
  6. I think there're cute!

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O.k. Jim they are cute if you say so. I nearly gagged on my sandwhich when you post popped up. LOL. I do not like feet. Ewwwww!!!! I just don't. I mean no ones feet. It makes SE laugh if he threatens me with his feet.

The funny thing is:-

I did a Beauty Therapy course in England for two years. I learned how to do pedicures... but I never did it for anyone. I nearly barfed while trying to in class. The only saving thing is that you could wear gloves so it make it a tiny bit better.

I can't bear it when my feet feel rough and dry. When I have been in the pool I have to have a shower and immediately take care of my feet.

Oh dear what a lovely foot post.

Take care xx
P.S. Have you ever read Dr Suess's Foot Book? Sam used to love it and now Matt does.

Right foot, left foot.... he he he

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