Thursday, July 27, 2006

My most popular Google searches (Top Ten List, Part II) per my Site Meter - - - with a new Ugly Foot Contest winner at the bottom

(Click here for Part I of my Top Ten list -- It had the old foot picture)

Did you know Google is now an offical verb? (Check here)

The list:

9. Runza Hut goes here. I come up second with a Runza Hut Google.

    10. (tie)Jim Greeley Alaska, amongst others about Alaska, brings up the Bad Ass Coffee thing. Googling 'Bad Ass Coffee' won't get it, even in a Google Blog search. It does fine on a Blogger 'all blogs' search.

    10. (tie)Brown June Bugs. Is there a secret use for these critters that we aren't aware of? Or anything we need to know here?

    12. (if there could be one)Bedbug Attacks. People get here in various ways, and generally not in the top 10 first Google page.

    14. (no number 13, I'm not superstitous, someone reading might be) Seymour Weaver and Woodlands. (link to blog info) Dr. Seymour Weaver is my dermatologist at The Woodlands, Texas (unincorporated, larger than Conroe, and has a Conroe mailing address). He is on this year's Texas Super Docs list in the Texas Monthly Magazine. I didn't choose him for that reason.

    15. Six Day Underwear. There are all kinds of blogs and Web sites about this. Mine has the true story, I was there back in the 80s when those engineers invented it.

    16. Harry Husker Mascot. Or you could Google lil red husker mascot, by both do really good. Mine will have a rundown of the history of the three Husker mascots.

    Google these words to see what you get. If there is a problem, add the word 'blog' or do a Google Blog search.

    You can check my referals anytime by clicking the "Site Meter" counter box, then clicking "referrals" at the left under "Recent Visitors."

    Click on these referral links to see what people are looking for. If you see my blog in the Google (or other) list, click it to see what this person found.

    Under "details." you should be first on the list (your URL, location, and referral).
    How about you? Do you know yours? You can get a Site Meter (free) and check up on who's visiting.

    [click picture to enlarge]

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      I'm overwelmed with directions....
      That is an ugly foot!
      Was your foot caught in an auger or some other farm machinery?
      Okay, did all the clicking, checked all the sites. Still don't know how to decipher those hieroglyphics telling who visited.
      Okay, did all the clicking, checked all the sites. Still don't know how to decipher those hieroglyphics telling who visited.
      Your foot looks too pretty propped up on blue satin linens. Why not photograph it on something raggedy and old for better effect?

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