Saturday, July 15, 2006

My most popular Google searches (Top Ten List, Part I) per my Site Meter - - - and another Ugly Foot Contest winner

Did you know Google is now an offical verb? (Check here)

The list:

  1. DanActive and its active ingredient, l. casei defensis, or variations. Put the word 'constipation' after and it comes up first with a Google search.
  2. JIM'S LITTLE BLOG. I think this is done mostly by people who get to me the easy way without bookmarking.
  3. Beverly Hillbillies' truck. Rember, it was a 1922 Olds sedan modified by George Barris.
  4. Shrimp boat for sale. These are just about all from folks along the Gulf Coast. I hope they can read the phone number on the for sale sign.
  5. Kelly Ripa tattoo. [original post, go here] A Google Blog search, this speaks for itself. After this post, you have to click more results to find the original. I didn't dare use a picture of her, I'm sure that's what people are looking for. Google (regular) puts me second in the list if you add the word 'blog,' right ahead of 'Kelley Ripa Naked.'
  6. Jim Bunch. You'd be surprised how many search for him. Mine is always one of my 'Jim Bunch Eats' or the likes posts.

  7. [click picture to enlarge]

Ugly Foot Contest or "ugly foot contest". The first is doing by Google Blog, the second a straight Google. This was my cute foot photo in the post, 'My Infamous Feet -- Contest Winners.' (link) People sure do find me this way.]
  • Buna, Texas, [original post go here] on the Google Blog search. I don't know why anybody would want to Google that, let alone write a blog. Now, after this post, you have to click more results to find the original. Before today it came up Number 2 in the search, I got beat out by CBS News, with only a small picture of a 110 pound young lady in shorts puting a 230 pound generator into a pickup truck bed. Hurricane Rita related, as was mine. Better was the building contest picture at "Zoned Industrial" but that doesn't Google well. The picture, well here it is.
  • Continued here as Part II.
  • .


    Google those words to see what you get. If there is a problem, add the word 'blog' or do a Google Blog search.

    You can check my referals anytime by clicking the "Site Meter" counter box, then clicking "referrals" at the left under "Recent Visitors."

    Click on these referral links to see what people are looking for. If you see my blog in the Google (or other) list, click it to see what this person found.

    Under "details." you should be first on the list (your URL, location, and referral).
    How about you? Do you know yours? You can get a Site Meter (free) and check up on who's visiting.

    [click picture to enlarge]

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      Those feet should win. No doubt. Why... you ask? Because I'm not going to put a picture of mine on the net.
      I've got a site meter, but I don't pay much attention to it. I do good just to get around to reading everybody!
      Poopie, you have a nice blog. And a LOT of readers. Way too many for me to handle.
      I didn't know you had a Site Meter, you keep it hidden. I generally snoop a little when I see one.
      I have it booked marked on the other computer, but I saw one yesterday that was running between 300 and 400 hits a day. No way to keep up with all that.
      Hi Jim

      Thanks for the welcome back. I am tireder than tired. We have been busy cleaning only for Scragend to check his email and find his friend isn't coming to stay. Oh well at least my house is nice and clean. LOL

      I am glad to be home sweet home.

      Take care xx

      P.S. I think your feet should be number one.
      Good heavens you take blogging to new heights/

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