Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Three Topics:

I. The Weather: Hot like the rest of the States

II. Yesterday"s Pie Pics: Well, I'll tell you about them

III. How does Phil Keoghan control his sweat problems?

I. A lot of people are talking about the weather (nobody does anything about it). Our Texas weather is a little different; though not in those temps you see below. They look pretty much like yours.

Mother Nature has a different plan for East Texas. The difference is that this will go on and on. On until sometime in September when we will have a Fall day or two interspersed. Gradually it will all be Fall with a couple of winter days mixed in once and a while.

We just stay hot all summer and there won't be any rain coming in from the north and west, not until September. There will be rain though.

In the summers our only rain is tropical rain. Last year parts of Texas did pretty good. It doesn't take a hurricane or even a tropical storm to get us some tropical rain.

Topical rain comes in when a tropical low (pressure) comes in from the Gulf. It turns counterclockwise and the east side brings moisture up from the warm Gulf. Sometimes so much rain falls that the area floods.

That little green blob out in the Gulf was a tropical rain. We had thunder, but no rain. It came close.

Most of those lows don't get north, but a few drift north and east. Then everyone has to watch out for our Gulf moisture falling, a lot sometimes, up and over there.

Dave Letterman said tonight on the Late Show that it was so hot that George W. Bush, while chomping on his baguette at the G8 Conference, told Al Roker to stop doing that (s**t bleeped out).

Today: Isolated T-storms High: 100°Low: 75°
Tuesday: Isolated T-storms High: 97°Low: 73°
Wednesday: PM T-storms High: 95°Low: 72°
Thursday: Isolated T-storms High: 91°Low: 72°
Friday: Isolated T-storms High: 92°Low: 72°



II. The Pie Stuff (link)

It really wasn't a pie that Mrs. Jim made, it was a French Clafouti aux Cerises, or Cherry Custard Cake. The recipe was in one of her William Sanoma cookbooks.

She made the pie for her bridge group buds, the one of four including Mrs. Jim. They play once a week, everyone brings a sack lunch and the host makes dessert, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres.

What you saw was the left-over part that the ladies and I didn't eat for lunch. We had Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream every time we ate it.

The other pie was indeed a cow pie. It was huge and they were laying all around where we had our first Fourth of July party. I haven't blogged about that yet.

The host for it has some old Fords (a whole metal building garage overflows with them). He had invited his friends and our club for a Saturday night old fashioned Willie Nelson barbecue.

His cows were in several pastures, kept away from his yard area by cow barriers in the roads and lanes. This one was in the back, down by the bunk house.
He recently became single, but that didn't stop all his friends from coming. My guess would be around 300 or more guests. And he supplied all the meat, potato salad, slaw, and other barbecue fixings. Mrs. Jim brought some salad, others brought dessert.

That pie probably was dropped by one of his Texas Holsteins. (link1)(link2)

. [picture courtesy of CBS, click here]

III. Phil Keoghan is the host of my favorite TV program, The Amazing Race. He ends up in all kinds of places.

When you see him, what you see is what he is. He doesn't get much makeup at all, just a little powder on his face--that cuts down on the camera glare, we used it when we did instructional TV.

According to our Houston Chronicle TV news today (link), under the subtitle, Amazing travel solutions:

"he (Phil) said. "And I came up with a new way of dealing with the sweat problems I have. I found out that if you use sanitary pads under your armpits, they (do the job)."

Try it you [might] will like it.

Sounds like it's hot enough there to bake those cow pies good.

Your weather in general doesn't sound that great to me. I like the 4 seasons better. Just a little more variety!
Our summer is like Hawaii.
Our winter is like the Florida panhandle, just a little chilly on days.
Spring and fall are somewhat pleasant.
If it isn't raining, every day is a good golf day.

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