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My political call last night -- Eight things about me -- my answer to being tagged again

.Yesterday I was called seventeen times by political candidates or their helpers. All but one was using a machine or computer controlled recording.
I asked the ONE real person what she knew about the Do Not Call List law? I didn't let her answer, I lit into her.
I told her that it was politicians like her who made that Do Not Call List law and then those politicians exempted themselves from that law. I told her that those politicians should be ashamed of themselves, I didn't appreciate being treated like that one bit.
And then I hung up.*****

Ok, so now I've been tagged again..By Travel Plaza this time over at Happytraveller. And I'm not real pleased with it again. Most of you read my last post, I almost lot my religion then (link).
It was
Britmum of All Things English who did it then, I swore I wouldn't do any more tags. If I finish this one, it will be my last!
Well, here goes because it really isn't very hard, who knows if it will be interesting? And a lot of you know most everything about me already, that's what it is supposed to be, eight things about me.
I was born in a four room house in Burt County, Nebraska, out in the country. About six miles from where Cliff's (Cliff of Cliff Morrow's Blog) Mom and Dad lived then. Our mothers were friends long before they got married. I think Cliff is sixteen or more years younger than I am.
I never have had an electric train. Nor a bicycle of my own for that matter. I had to share the bike with my sister, Lois. It was a girl's bike at that, I was probably six when Dad got it by mail order from Sears. He lowered the seat so I could ride it to school. She still has that bike and rides it some now.
I'm not superstitious. But just in case it works, I don't walk under ladders, I always say someone is thinking of me when my nose itches, I act horrified when I break a mirror, I always give due respect to Friday 13's, and I say "Bless you" when you sneeze.
Again, I'm not superstitious but, if I see a black cat that will be crossing my path I shoot it. No, seriously, I turn around and go some other way that doesn't cross that cat's path. That way it didn't walk in front of me, just in case there is something to that also.
Are you superstitious? Take The Superstitious Test [quiz], here.
I like cars. I didn't have a car while I was at the University of Nebraska. I bummed rides home and back to school, mostly with Tom T. of Tekamah or Dick H. of Blair. In high school I drove my dad's 1950 Ford pickup to school.
In college I broke my foot during my last semester, third semester freshman, at Lincoln. It was initiation night at Pershing Rifles and we pledges had to march from six p.m. until midnight. After midnight the actives couldn't do a thing to us.
At midnight it was tradition for the pledges to de-pants the actives. The fellow my friend and I drew wanted to keep his pants on so he kicked. It knocked me backwards some. (Where is this going?)
About 1:30 or so I walked the mile to my rented room out on 13th Street. The next morning I couldn't walk on that foot. I took the bus that morning to the infirmary where they discovered I had broken my foot, a metatarsal, probably the first metatarsal, (Widipedia link) in the right foot.
My dad felt sorry for me as I couldn't walk that mile any more. The first week or so I was on crutches, then on a walking cast for six more. Dad offered the loan of his pickup. I sure did take him up on that, fast! Dad never did know the real way I broke that foot.
That January I dropped out of college. Of course I didn't tell my parents and for sure didn't give the pickup back. In about four months I was able to get a job at the Elgin Watch Factory in Lincoln. I still didn't give the pickup back but finally I did tell that I had dropped out of school and had the job.
Working was fun for me, I was tired of going to classes. Notice I didn't say tired of studying because I didn't ever study. I didn't in high school and I wasn't about to in college. Better to tell the truth, I didn't know how to study.
That pickup even went to the rodeo in Ames, Iowa, to the beach at Linoma Beach quite often, and on some (???descriptive?term????) dating. In fact I had a steady girl for the first time in my life, she worked at Elgin too.
In another month or so, Dad had it figured out. He told me that maybe I should be getting a car of my own, did I want to do that? You see in those days, at least in Nebraska, kids couldn't buy cars until they were twenty-one unless a parent signed.
My first car was a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe that had belonged to Elmer Cells, my high school principal and chemistry teacher. He was Dad's good friend as well as Mr. Morrow's (Cliff's Dad--I think Cliff's family is related to the Cells). He had traded his Studebaker in on a new car and WE, Dad and I, got this one from the Ford dealer in Tekamah.
Studebakers aren't very tough cars, that one didn't take the abuse I wanted to give it, so it gave up. Wouldn't you know it, just about the time I was trading it in for my second car? It depreciated a whole $200 in one week because it wasn't running very good when I brought it back a week later to get my used 1952 Ford.
Like I said, I like cars. So I'll have to blog about each of my cars, one at a time. There just isn't time or space in this blog entry to do them justice. I have fond memories of just about every one of them, either things that happened while in the cars or where they took me or just plain the nice things about the cars.
While I was a college dropout working at Elgin, I became involved with a 1934 Ford three window coupe. It had been converted to a modified stock car. Working on that car was fun and I learned how to keep them running. I even built two engines for my own 1952 Ford.
The primary driver--I got to drive on occasion--was Bill. He spent more time on that car than I did. I was there the day his wife came out of the house (suitcase in hand?--I don't remember) and told him "You love that car more than you love me" and that she was leaving.
She left, right out of his life at that moment. I never saw her again. I'll tell about his courtship with his new wife some other time too.
So then, I'll keep this tag post just about liking cars, not the individual cars themselves. Later for that, but I will list them for you now.
Here are the cars in my life--listed in order of purchase: [should I blog on this as part of my memoirs?]
  1. 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coup
  2. 1952 Ford Tudor, I hopped it up very heavily before I sold it.  It would outrun and 55 and 56 Chevys.
  3. 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible (new)
  4. 1941 Chevy Two-door
  5. 1950 (Jimmy Dean) Mercury Two-door Coupe (ditched the '41 and '56 when I went into the Army)
  6. 1951 Ford Tudor--a present from Dad while I was still in the Army
  7. 1960 Rambler Two-door Custom station wagon
  8. 1950 Ford Tudor
  9. 1962 VW Bug--a work car
  10. 1956 Ford Customline Fordor-hardtop
  11. 1968 Ford station wagon (new)
  12. 1969 Ford Thunderbird***
  13. 1971 Honda CB450 motorcycle
  14. 1972 Ford Pinto***
  15. 1976 Ford Granada Tudor Coupe***
  16. 1976 Ford Granada Fordor
  17. 1972 Datsun pickup
  18. 1976 Chrysler Cordoba (picture link)
  19. 1977 Plymouth Volare station wagon
  20. 1982 Olds Cutlas Supreme two-door
  21. 1975 Datsun pickup
  22. 1986 Olds 88 four-door
  23. 1988 Olds 88 four-door
  24. 1987 Chevy S-10 pickup
  25. 1992 Cadillac DeVille
  26. 1974 Mustang II Ghia (Mom's car after she died) (still owned)
  27. 1999 Cadillac DeVille
  28. 1999 Easy-Go Golf Car (new)
  29. 1998 Mustang GT Convertible (still owned)
  30. 1950 Ford Tudor (sold August, 2015)
  31. 2006 Cadillac DTS
  32. 2011 Cadillac DTS (still owned)
These are about in the order they were purchased. Most were pretty good cars, I just always get used cars, buying them mostly from individuals, LOLs (little old ladies) preferred.
It looks like I've written enough. The CMA (Country Music Awards) show is over, if Willie Nelson was on I missed him.
Will the other four get written? Don't hold your breath.

*** Ford program cars while I was working for Ford Aeorspace at NASA.
***** Actually it was my sister, Lois, who did this good deed to the live political caller.

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Hi Jim ~ ~ Good post for the meme that
you did half of. I have heard of the Do not call list. Sounds like pollies
have laws of their own. Thanks for
you comments. I am glad you enjoyed
'Twas I who chose, and Sorry Hostess.
Edgar A Guest is a good writer.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.

If it was the democrats that called you, shame on them. If it was the republicans, I hope you listened and vote accordingly today. We can not let Pelosi have the keys to this country.

BTW, I expect you to delete this so no feelings will be hurt.

That's ok Mitch. I would hang up on them all. But I am a Republican! I even got an impeachment letter from them.

My footnote says this was Aunt Lois that did it!
Well, I know how to get you riled up now Jim. Just call you up and pretend I am a politician!! Hehehe!! I only had one call yesterday and it was from a live person and I was very polite. It was short and sweet. She said they would appreciate my vote. I said Thank you, goodbye.

I think I'll have to tag you for something too.......let's see....what shall it be?? Okay....is your B/P going up now?? Hehehe. A second way to get you riled!!!

Did you keep a list of all those cars?? How in the world can you possibly remember that many if you didn't keep a list? I barely know the kind I'm driving now!! Well... maybe it's not THAT bad, but close!!

You have a good day Jim. Now I know how old you are and you aren't over 100 like it says on your profile!!

BTW, Willie Nelson wasn't on the awards last night. They did show a clip from an old one where he was singing. He has got to be getting old now! I wonder how he is doing?
Willie is my age, or younger!
I have had a relationship with every car I own, I can remember each better than . . .
I looked it up. Willie was born April 30, 1933.
I'll never tell, maybe he's my age.
Good grief Jim you've had a lot of cars. I was a late starter in life with cars and didn't own one until I was 26. I reckon Peter could rival you with the number of cars he has had.
I've had 5 cars all second hand.
You asked what the orange car was in my Brisbane Part 3 post. I don't really know car so I've asked a few car "nuts" about this and they reckon it's a Toyota Tarago. I did a search on google on the Toyota Tarago and I couldn't see anything that looked like this, so I don't think they are correct, so I'll keep trying to find out what it is?
You had me at number 3!
Susie (Dagooudasun), it was Number 5 when we had you. That was a Jimmy Dean Mercury, fast. (Most of my cars have been fast.)
Glad you stopped in.

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