Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is my lucky day!

Yesterday, The Bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, revealed Jen as his choice for Bachelorette (link to that blog).
Remember back when, I invited everyone to enter the Cheesy Joke contest put on by KFC. I blogged of the contest, gave the answer too, on September 30 (link).

Well, I was one of the first 1,000 people to find the answer to their joke riddle.***

So my prize is this gift check redeemable at any KFC for one new Ultimate Cheese Snacker.

I got my gift and the letter last October. Tomorrow I may be in Conroe helping Mema so I'll get one on my way.

Those things, the Ultimate Cheese Snackers, cost a dollar so it ought to make a decent meal for one if I bring a Diet Coke.

A couple of months ago I won a "Meal Deal" from Whataburger (link) using my business card (retired). Mrs. Jim got a "Whatachicken" sandwich, drink, and fries. It was enough for both of us. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
*** Riddle question: What do you put on your sandwich during rush hour? The answer: traffic jam. :)

Note: Yesterday was a record day for this blog. There were 103 'clicks' on the blog. That was because of all the fuss over my topic, The Bachelor, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, revealed Jen as his choice for Bachelorette (link).

I suppose there will be a few more today but the newer posts are coming up first in the searches so mine is hidden in a way. I haven't Googled it myself.

Hi Jim
Lucky you enjoy your Cheese Snacker and diet coke .

I don't quite understand your love of the Bachelor program (I have never watched it), but you probably do not watch my favorites either (Dr. Phil, Judge Judy and the Peoples Court).

I hope Mema is doing better.

I hope you enjoy your Ultimate Cheese Snackers more than I did mine - but then I had to pay for mine.
Hi Jim, It's a fun to win a freebee, hope you did enjoy it. Hope Mema is doing well. It is nice that she had you to help her.
Cheers Margaret
Well, Mitch, we don't watch the same things.
1. We don't have cable;
2 I used to watch Dr. Phil but he gets on a kick--like weight reduction--and stays there too long, besides it now is just about been there, done that;
3. My programs are The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, college football (U of Nebr, LSU, A&M, U of Houston, other top 25s), Dave Letterman, the Good Morning America show, Regis and Kelly, Family Feud, Seinfeld reruns, and the news.

I'm sending out a family e-mail on Mema tonight, she is holding on about the same, day-by-day, and is in Hospice.
I probably will blog about her soon again too.

Ralph and Jeanette, I went to see Mema today. She was up and I stayed till time to come home. I didn't get the Snacker afterall.

Thanks Margaret. She is my fave mother-in-law!
Glad to hear about Mema Jim!

Getting free food is great! Ihave never had a Cheese snacker though!!
HI Jim

The test was good and there is nothing wrong with my heart. I don't remember any of it and I missed seeing the screen. I slept through it all. LOL

I will post on my blog about it when I am on my feet again. My leg hurts and my head is still fuzzy.

Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it and I was talking about you this morning to my husband and how your words had setteled lots of my fears. Cheers Jim!!

Take care xx
Hi JoJo -- Thanks for the word. It is nice that you know you aren't in trouble with the circulatory system. You should be feeling a lot better in the morning.

I'm glad you are a sleepy head with anesthesia. I'm that way too and have to tell them to go easy.

Mrs. Jim is the opposite way, she woke up one time during a wrist operation. Not good.

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