Friday, February 02, 2007

Some things missing around here?

The name of the game is for my readers to guess what is missing from each of these five photos.
Answers will come later.


Picture # 1

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The is a barbecue chopped beef sandwich from McKenzie's in Conroe.



Picture # 2


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Did I say something was m*ss*ng?

Picture # 3

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This will be hard for Californians, Oregonians, Arizonans, Washingtonites, and Florida people. And a few others too.
Picture # 4
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The answer for this one is on one of my other blogs.


BTW, this foot has been before in my pretty foot contest (link), or was it a pretty feet contest?

Picture # 5
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Adi likes her profile picture the best. Got to keep Adi happy don't we!


Put your answers in a comment. I may pull them off for a while to give everyone a chance.

Well, that does it for now. I doubt this will be very hard, you ought to make a passing grade of 80%. Let me know if I made this goofy test too hard.


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Well, I don't even know where to begin so I won't. BTW that is Andy Reid on my blog today. He is head coach of the Eagles. Both his boys are involved with the police (drugs, guns, accidents etc) that happened earlier this week. Two separate incidents. Google it to read all about it. Some nasty stuff going on.
Thanks, Cheyenne. I must have made it too hard?
I'll give it a day.
Hi Jim ive got no idea! no.4 you might be missing your flip flops.
Dont forget im Aussie.
Hi Jim ~~ Too hard for me too, sorry.
Thanks for your visit and glad you
enjoyed the post. I was able to post a comment on Margaret's blog tonight.
Those astronauts sure do place their lives in the hands of others.
Take care, Jim. Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim...Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been wondering where you were.

Now about these nice pictures...

1.We don't have a Mckenzie's in Canada.
You Americans have ALL of the good restaurants..
Not fair!.. and now it seems if we want to go to Shonies or Bob Eavens or any other of those good eating places, we will be needing a passport to get over the border!

2..Yeh for sure and she did. Adi wants a bite of that burger too!!

3...I can't see this picture and if I go back, I will have to rewrite my comments and I am too lazy for that!

4....I once scanned my foot over to Betty's email site..Way too ugly!!
But when I scanned my face over it was even worse!!
Did you ever wonder if I was crazy..Well there you go!
You know now Jim..
When Bernie scanned HIS foot over, Betty promply cloned his head on the heel and emailed it back to us. I think she was trying to tell that Bernie something!
Hmm...Maybe I should clone Adi's picture and put it on the big toe!!

5.....That Adi would be gorgeous no matter WHAT side you photo her!
She is a one pretty dog person!!!

Now I will go back and look at the pictures and try to answer "What is missing?" .........Love Terry
I'll give it a shot. Probably a poor shot, but a shot none the less!

Let's see. In the first pictures I will say that fries are missing.
#2. I don't see any snow or ice, or it could be you missing since you are not in the chair?
#3. There is a small amount of snow on the back bumper but none on the ground. Snow????
#4. EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! What an ugly foot and that toenail looks like it's ready to fall off! Your shoe or sock?
#5. ?? No idea.

Well, how did I do?? Yeah, I know.....lousy!!
Terry, I'm thinking that tomorrow I will put some better hints on? :) ?
Your comments are appropriate for each!
Terry, I'm on my second passport, Mrs. Jim is on her third. We will come up to Calgary in a year or two or less.

Rachel, you are a good student. You worked hard for those didn't you?
#1. This one is subjective. Your answer is a good one. I'll tell mine later, it's simpler.
#2. Sure she does, I'm treating this answer as a comment or title. The answer is looking at you.
3. Correct! You win the prize with this one!
4. Good guesses, but I know you didn't find the correct hint. You might have been thinking about those I posted last year with my socks on backward.
5. Three major items in the picture, it needs one more.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, there won't be any real prizes except recognition. Susie always gets me on this.
I think she is out of town because thngs are quiet around.

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