Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This and That . . . . . . Times Five

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This is Adi, of course. We were walking yesterday when she spotted this flower bed, she is claiming the big flower.
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My Wordless Wednesday picture for today.
I am enjoying the Wordless Wednesday thing.
It is an easy post.
Go here to see a few of mine.
Go here to check out the Wordless Wednesday blog.

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The speedometer picture in Mondays blog was taken of my Mustang.

The picture above was posted on my February, 23, 2007 blog (link). I said:
I'm so glad it's spring again! So is my little Mustang. This was the first warm-weather, top-down, day of 2007.

[I don't want you to worry about that white garage door paint on the bumper. I have some latex paint remover that takes it right off. I've been there before, done that.]


Tumaini Kids!, (link to this special blog). It was picked up by Blogger's Blogs of Note blog (link) Monday, the 23rd. It is written by the kids at the school, most of whom are just now learning English.

Here is what it is all about:

Some of the stories are soooo touching. These kids are literally rescued from the depths of deprived kids and given a second first chance for a solid life.

A few of my favorite posts there: April 25, "My Day" by Margaret, age 10 (link); April 24, Chris, 17, "Poem" by Chris, age 17 (link); and April 19, "Wednesday" By Edwin M. [age 8] (link).

Or just go see them all (link), there aren't too many yet, the blog is just getting started good. It could use your encouragement.



Bloggers are blogging about SEO (or seo) now-adays. I have now idea what in the world this is. Some could show me to a quick update, please. Unless it is immoral, then forget it.


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SEO = Search Engine Optimization (Optimizer)
I'm glad you found out what SEO was! I had never heard of it before.

I loved that link to the Tumaini Kids!

Adi looks very pretty with that flower!! She found a good spot!
A fairly wordy wordless post.
Hi Jim. Im Back! Adi looks good in the flower bed and claiming it as hers,
hey Jim ,

thanks for stopping by!
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you have your Mustang which I am sure you enjoy. Great pic of Adi in the flower bed. Thanks for
your comments, glad you liked the Angel Story of Yellow Roses and the brunette jokes. Don't see them ofte.
Thanks for the concern for my eye problem but I hope it will work out OK in the end. Take care, Regards,
Dear Jim...This is the picture I am going to use of Adi..
She sure will look smart in her limo wearing that nice flower!!
Now that Ron [RRBJ] has sent Princess to me but I will let that young lady know that Adi is STILL the Top Dog!!...from Terry

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