Friday, June 29, 2007

Someone's been sitting in my chair, and there she is

This GC#4, a.k.a. BP (link). She was visiting us this week. It is a tradition, she came last summer for a week too. The timing is just right, it is Kid Kamp time at our subdivision.
This generally where I sit at the table to eat. When GC#4 comes, she chooses this place. She also likes my recliner. This year I would get it because my hurt knee likes to be elevated.
Come to think about it, Mema (link) liked these spots of mine also. I must have good taste.
Only Rachel (link) could know what this is about. When I did my leprechaun June Bug post (link), I showed GC#4 with the collection and mentioned the are all presents, just in case a reader had one collecting dust.
Rachel had this lovely Disney 'Dalmatians' dated, 1996, globe to send to Texas. It was most appreciated, as you can see.
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Here are Mrs. Jim and Adi. They are taking GC#4 to Kid Kamp. That camp is one BIG reason she picks this week. Adi likes to run alongside the golf cart but this day it was mostly riding.
Yesterday, for the first time since mid-May, I drove that Mustang. It won't last long though, I am scheduled for kneecap surgery Monday (12 noon CDST).
I took it to the Houston Medical Center for my annual 'nuclear' stress test. My cardiologist wouldn't clear me for surgery based on last July's tests. Needless to say, I passed with flying colors.
I get to drive it again for my Friday hand therapy too. Today for the first time I could touch the palm of my hand with the OT stretching it there. That is progress, I need that for my golf grip.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oh yes, we all went to see the Evan Almighty (link) movie. We all liked it a whole lot. Speaking of lots, a lot of it was very predictable.
I say, GO SEE IT.

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Well, how did you do?
Hope it was fun.
morning Jim,
thanks for the singing gram :)

take care!
Adi looks like she is thinking, "Quit looking at him and let's go!!!"

Surgery at 2 p.m. They are going to let you get good and hungry before they get to you, huh?

I'll certainly be thinking about you and praying that all goes well with your surgery.
Dear Jim,
thank you for praying for my daughter. She's getting better day by day and has asked me to thank every one that pryaed for he in her time of real need.
I have been and will continue to pray for healing of your knee.
NOT fair Grampa Jim!
You should not show favortism!

Remember when your granddaughter, Amber was stayiing at your place and sat on your chair?
You shooed her right a way!!
NOT fair!...from Terry
Dear Jim...Evan Almighty didn't seem like a good movie.
The advertisements on TV about it made me very sad.
I think that it must of made God very sad too.
....Love Terry
A lot things make God a lot sader than that movie.
Actually, I think He liked it. Have you seen it? It even has Christian threads woven into it.
No I never saw it Jim..just the commercials..I am sorry to have been so judgemental about it but somehow it just seemed so sad.
I like to be happy and I know that as bloggers we DO have a lot of fun together but I know on the commercials that they took the Lord's name in vain and I that always hurts. Deep down!

If you want to read something really funny JIm go to Pilot-mom's site.
She had a real funny post there last night.
You would like it!!....Love Terry

PS..I hope you aren't mad at me and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings because I would not want to do that for the world!
You and Mrs. Jim and Karen and little BP have become dear friends to me!
Glad you had some time with your GC#4!! I'm glad she liked her globe and that it arrived safely.

Enjoy those grandkids. They grow like weeds!!
Hi Terry. Of course I wouldn't get upset, I hope I didn't sound like that.
But, if you were to see it, you might like it.
It had so many animals, either there was a huge job of training them or they were animated. Probably the latter, but they seemed real. And two by two. Clean and unclean animals weren't differentiated.

It didn't make fun of God, there were some neighbors who made fun of Evan for obeying 'God.'
What it was a fictional account set in modern times based on the Biblical Noah and the arc.
There were a lot of cute items. Every day Evan's alarm went off at 6:14. He couldn't stop it. Then he saw it was a Gen (eral electric). Even his new license plates said Gen 6:14. ["Build an arc.] And a lot more, mostly predictable.

God said he wouldn't flood the earth again, I was waiting fairly intently to see if that would be how it ended. But it wasn't that way at the wild ending.
Yea that Amber used to get up way too early in the morning too Jim but we broke her out of the habit when she visited us here in Canada!
Take care now, and you know what? I have finally learned how to put on links.
Passing-thru taught me via email to copy and paste, so now I will probably be able to put my picture on my profile!
Oh perish the thought!
People having to look at THAT when they come for a visit!!
Jim do you think it would be Ok if I put BP on my favorite links.
Let me know, OK?
Ask Karen and her dad of course!.....From Terry
Yep, I'd draw the line at the recliner.
Hi Jim ~~ That is one very pretty
granddaughter you have and maybe it's OK to sit in your place at the table, but not the recliner. Best of luck with the surgery on Monday, I hope all goes well for you.Thanks for your kind comments and I was glad Peter liked his M M ornament. I am glad you liked the photos, and I agree these kids today know a lot more than I did at their age and evennow at this age !! Take care, Regards,Merle

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