Friday, October 12, 2007

My Preacher Friends [01] made competent as ministers *

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I wasn't sure anybody would think I have any of those. Well, I do. I have seven pretty good friends who are preachers.

Preacher friend facts:
1. Five of them, H**h, M**y, R**e, S**m, and D**l, I send an e-mail to every so often, more on this in a minute;
2. Two of those are my relatives, R**e and M**y;
3. All but B**y I have an e-mail address for, I could get his;
4. One, S**m, is eighty years old and teaches Sunday school regularly;
5. I see four every week, H**H, S**m, D**e, and B**y;
6. Two I have played golf with, M**y and D**l;
7. Six are retired or semi-retired, they are my age plus or minus fifteen years with two older;
8. The one still working is young enough for me to be his father (he has a very nice father so he doesn't need me);
9. One reads my blog. He has a very fine blog of his own, I haven't linked to it yet. Another reads mine if his wife particularly likes an entry;
10. One has said he could get me ordained, I haven't taken him up on that and maybe he can't do that anymore;
11. One is single (B**y), the others are married (and have been forever); and
12. They are all awfully nice fellows.

(Item 1) I send these five fellows 'religious' cartoons. These could be cartoons, with angels in the clouds (thus, the reason for my picture today, I couldn't post a copyrighted cartoon), St. Peter giving trouble at his gate, poor souls paying the Devil his eternal due where it is terribly hot, and just plain preacher cartoons and jokes.

The main reason I e-mail these is that they are missing terribly in their lives the ability to read the Houston Chronicle comics. Every now and then, a cartoon will just tell me, e-mail it to your preacher friends who are missing a masterpiece of humorous art.

Not on the list are preacher wives who blog or read my blog. Three of these readers are bloggers and are in my links. The fourth is my relative preacher wife who doesn't have her own blog yet. She would write a very nice journal. There may be others, I just don't know who they might be.

Not on the list either is our favorite cartoon preacher, Reverend Will B. Dunn of the Kudzu cartoon. (link)(link to comic archives) Kudzu was taken off a few years ago, now it is even missing from the on-line cartoons which have some leftovers from the old Houston Post.

* He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. (2 Corinthians 3:6. Link)

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You are blessed to have so many friends!
This comment has been removed by the author.
God gives us the blessings of friends and preachers and ministers and it blesses me to see how many you have.
I cant wait for the day I get to travel, wont be till my kids are alot older.
Looks like your having a ball.
Safe return
Hi Jim ~~ You are fortunate to have so many preachers among your friends.
Should ensure you a 'safe passage' when the time comes.?? Thanks for your comments. I rarely look at my Counter (site meter) but i did earlier and an hour or so later and it had increased by 13. I may get a new Rating on my Blog. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. Regards, Merle.
We are all preachers in some form or fashion, as Christians.
You have some important folks reading your blog Jim.
Hi again Jim ~~Thanks for your comments - glad you enjoyed the hug certificate and the jokes. I may e mail the Huh thing for you to send to family, friends, amd preachers.
Take care, Best Wishes, Merle.
You are truly blessed Jim!! I love that picture!

Jamie Dawn has a sermon on her blog today. Go check it out!
This preacher-oriented post of yours gives me the perfect opportunity to invite you to attend Blog Church over at my place.
God bless you, my son.

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