Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This guy says it all for today!

My Mustang does drink gasoline.

"On the Road Again!"

Our destination. Can you find our jail, the Hotel California San Francisco in Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango, Guatemala? [Map courtesy of World 66 Travel Guide (link)]

We, Mrs. Jim is coming too, will be staying at the hotel when we aren't working at the orphanage. (link)


A pumkin patch for you


These are cow pumpkins. More jack-o-lanterns are made with cow pumpkins and are fed to cows. Cow pumpkins don't make very tasty pies either.

Pie pumpkins look like this. They are smaller and more tender so they make delicious pies and other desserts.

Pumpkin pie is my favorite vegetable!

Did you ever see a white pumpkin? Or eat one? I don't think they are good to eat.

Beneath that white rind is a bunch of orange pumpkin. (link to CBS News story)

Our Kroger store had this nice display for pumpkins and gourds.

Kroger also had a lot items for the trick-or-treaters.

Lest you think I'm partial to Kroger, here is what I found at WalMart. They are into the Halloween game too.

Bye for now. After I serve my time I will be blogging again. Try the first full week in November. I'll take pictures and surely will blog about it some.

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I look forward to you photos and commentary when you return.
Pumpkin pie is INDEED a grrreat veggie!!!!!
Catch you agin in November
Cheers Margaret
Hi Jim ~~ Happy Birthday for Tuesday. I hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy the celebration. Enjoy your trip and see you when you return. Kindest regards, Merle.
Good morning, Merle said to drop over and wish you Happy Birthday. So here I am, Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day and many more Happy Birthdays ahead. My husband and I just celebrated ours, his was Oct. 25th. (73) mine was Oct. 27th. (71) Those numbers are hard for me to believe, but here they are, ready or not.
I enjoyed your pictures!
Enjoy your immurement!
Take pictures! Bring back the interesting tidbits to blob about and share them with us upon your return. I can’t wait to hear about it.
Safe Journey.
Huggles and Love,

Happy Halloween!

Have a wonderful week!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one
Hi Jim,
I'm back....for now..I know I keep drifting in and out of the blogosphere...but do bear with me...its been crazy lately..but I really missed writing and all of my blogger buddies...hope to be around alot more..
Happy Halloween!!!
Hi Jim, No I never saw a white pumpkin before. Glad you're enjoying my walk. It was good to hear you had some fish and chips while you were here, I didn't get to eat at the 'Real Food Cafe'. Bob.
Stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday. May you enjoy many more.
Happy Birthday Jim!!! =)
Interesting pumkin pictures Jim. Never heard of cow pumkins before
A little bird told us it's your birthday. Have a very happy one!

Love the pumpkin pictures.

Best regards,

Dear Jim,
you are a busy soul. Don't you ever need some rest? Or is it the golfing that keeps you in such great shape.
You certainly are filling your years with life. Give my best to your wife, she must be quite a trooperine too.

Halloween is strange to me, though the shops are selling plastic pumpkins and children dress up like skeletons begging for treats.
We have no tradition for the Halloween feast, and then it rather seems like a hollow in thing to me. Commerce only.

We have All Saints Day tomorrow, even though Norway has been a protestant country for almost five hundred years.
How weird is that?

Yours Felisol
Loved the pictures Jim!! You are back to jail again? Well, it certainly is for a good cause! Enjoy!!
"Happy Birthday jim"
Great photo's have a lovely holiday take plenty of photo's
I love your pumpkins.

Look after yourself while you are away.

Take care xx

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