Friday, October 05, 2007

What are the odds?

Mrs. Jim and I were two of three million last October. (Click here for BBC Museum Video)

[click picture for full screen]
[click here for supersize]

We were there, at the Hermitage Museum last October, 2006.

Wikipedia link

Hemitage Official site

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Hi Jim ~~ I have got behind answering comments, just about got it beat now.
Loved the 4 leaved clover. Actually where we lived in the country a lifetime ago I used to find lots of them - that was near Melbourne.
I was surprised you hadn't read the blonde jokes before.
I sometimes wonder about Merle's Hotel - is there a sign that says welcome, free food??? But I do enjoy having family visit, as I spend most of my time alone. My
nephew Marcus started blogging first , then my brother, Peter, his Dad, and then me. Marcus is a school chaplain in West Australia.
Some great photos from your trip.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
The link took me to a 3 second snipet of some one snoring. You were there?
I was snoring last night.
What a grand building!!
That's just a great big sucker, isn't it? Peter must have been inspired in Vienna.

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