Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 best and worst things for Jim

The best:

10.Winning the Texas lottery
9. Blogging and YouTubing (+ adding a new blog)
8. Making new rule for cell phone etiquette in restaurants
7. Getting a new camera for Christmas
6. Going to the Texas Bowl college football game
5. Going to Ireland (the six days before my fall)
4. Going to Scotland and Isle of Man
3. Playing golf at Turnberry, Scotland
2. Being in Guatemala at the orphanage
1. Married another year to Mrs. Jim, in February we will have been married 35 years

The worst:

6. Squandering all my lottery winnings
5. Closing down profile links to four blogs
4. Being sick with Montezuma's Guatemalan cousin's revenge
3. The fall in Ireland which dislocated my finger and broke my kneecap
2. Not playing much golf this year
1. Deaths of four family members

Happy New Year!

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Most of these I've blogged about. My blog is a journal of sorts, remember.
Think I was quiet on the lottery thing!
The texas lottery jackpot is a dollar a year for a million years?

Happy New Year to Jim and Mrs. Jim.
You won the lottery and you SQUANDERED IT!!!! Jim!!!!

I think we all have good and bad things that happen to us during the year...Glad you and Mrs. Jim are still married. TF and I have been married for 36 years. Best thing I ever did.
Good job on the lists. I noticed that your worst list is shorter than your best. I like the optimism in that.
I'm with Janell on the lists.
Mrs Jim ever apologize for shoving you down the stairs? :)
How many $ did you squander?. You might as well have stayed in farming if you were going to throw money away.
Happy New Year!
Stop by Chez Pez for a NYE party.
I think you were quiet on the lottery one too. I would have remembered!

I wish you a blessed New Year Jim, and all your family. I hope you don't have any falls or pains or anything icky this year!!
Wow this is a great Job Jim....I think if I post mine it will be long and it's all about worst ehhehehehhe...

Anyway, yeah I'm in beeville texas.....and if you don't mind I will add all of your blogs to all my blogs too so I can visit your place.

You blog are very nice and I love reading it....So I will add yours probably later today, after all my work here.... Anyway, take care and you all have a great time.
Hi Jim ~~ A belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jim. That is a lovely photo of her. I enjoyed catching up on all the posts I missed. Thanks for your comments on Geoff and his kids looking good and also on Kathy and family. I feel very blessed to have such terrific grandkids, not to mention the kids themselves.
Thank you so much for the tip on the eye caps - Lutein. Why do not OUR optometrists tell us about it. I will point that out next time I am there, which won't be long. I had a look on Google and will look for it next shopping day. I know it won't cure, but may slow it a bit.
Take care Jim, and a very happy healthy and joyful new year in 2008
Warmest regards, Merle.

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