Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt Not, ...

[click pictures for large size, click runzas for super size]
I'd say, can you follow these rules?

These pictures were taken on the lawn at the State Capitol. Some seem to be troublesome. (The monument was presented by some Eagle Scouts back in 1961.)

The group of seven from Spain who were here the last of November were treated to a tour of the State Capitol and of the city of Austin. Afterwards they got to eat some fine Texas cuisine, like chicken fried steak, fried okra, fried catfish, and the like.

Mrs. Jim and I accompanied some others from our church on two mission trips to Albecete, Spain, to be of some assistance and encouragement to a small Baptist church there.

Granddaughters Megan and Jenna each accompanied us once, Megan the first year, Jenna the second. Before and afterward we treated the granddaughters with some fine visits to other parts (countries) of Europe.

For more of their visit please take a peak at Dale's blog if you haven't yet.

For more about the Ten Commandments, go here.

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Jim - I loved the shot of you with the "10 Commandments"... Now those are some words to stand (and LIVE) by! ~ jb///
Thannk you, jb. I'm slipping, I should have thought of those words 'standing by these words' before this!
Good thought there.
You said they put that up in 1961. Do you think we could do somethinh like that today? I doubt it.
Dear Jim,
are you safe back in Texas??
I think the ten commandments are wonderful guidelines.
Jesus said "if you're breaking one, you're guilty of breaking them all." Therefor I am ever so happy that God sent his only son to fulfill the law, that I can live by grace alone.
I must admit I would not have gotten far trying to live by the law without the help and forgiveness in Jesus.
However even though Jesus came and lived without sin, does not mean that I should ignore the law. It is to my knowledge the best and the core of all religious and secular ethics and hope for peace with humans and God.

Don't know if I made my self clear, but as always hope for your best will to understand.
Yours Felisol
We returned Saturday.

Probably not, Ralph. Those commandments are the base of English law, from which we got our law. In the U.S. 4, 7, 9, and 10 are fairly well out. Our loss, Satan's gain!

Amen, Felisol!

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