Monday, January 14, 2008

A doggoned googleganger! A Jim Bunch interferance has surfaced!

Life can be the pits, can't it! Now this.

My Jim Bunch has honest to goodness googlegangers!

"Who, what, and where," you should ask.

Who: (who are the googlegangers?) Jim Bunch, that's who. Not one, but several. They can be pests but I suppose we should try to co-exist. That's the only Christian thing to do. The main three Jim B**ch's are detailed below:
1. The Jim Bunch Eats. (
link) That's my eating group, consisting of my family and friends. Five of them are pictured above, with Mrs. Jim leading this pack.
Don't they look like they have just finished a hearty meal?
Yes, they did. Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class (it has over 120 members) small group ate yesterday in Jane and Dick's home. Nine of this Jim Bunch were there.
2. Think Rich Club members only for this one (
link). Downside here is that I'm not a member and really don't want to be, so I don't know any more about this Jim B**ch.
I think he sells things, like books.
3. Then there's Jim B**ch of the Omidyar Network. (
link) His activity has slowed down lately.

What: (what is a googleganger?)
A googleganger is another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.
Urban Dictionary definition link

Where: All over the Internet, that's where.
Google Jim Bunch quickly. Lately this Number Two Jim B**ch has been showing up. I wonder how many books he sells?

1. Doppleganger, Urban dictionary: A misspelling of the German, "doppelganger", roughly translates as "evil twin". (
2. Doppelgängeror: These guys look nothing like me, nobody would mistake us.
Wikipedia states "A doppelgängeror ... is the ghostly double of a living person, a sinister form of bilocation. (
3. YouTube link to see the Jim Bunch eating.


Don't you think my Jim Bunch Eating is the best, number one, numero uno?
[click on
this guy]

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I hope the other Jim Bunch isn't a motley crew that would ruin your good reputation!
Obviously, I have no Googlegangers. My last name was a typographical catastrophe on my grandfather's first driver's license in Springfield, Illinois almost a hundred years ago. At my cousin's wedding a few years back it occurred to me that a single hand grenade could have removed our name entirely from the race of men.

I can't help it. Weddings make me think about hand grenades.
Jim Bunch number 3 is boring ... and I don't have enough money for the Rich Jim Bunch ... hands down, you are the best ... ;)
Hi Jim ~~ There's nothing like the real thing. Darn copy-cats, taking your name in vain. From the many occasions I have seen the Jim Bunch
eating I think you would be No.1.
Bet they don't blog, anyway. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Well JIM, with a name like JIM, what do you expect? You have a very common name and it's bound to show up in other places...Maybe you could spell your name with two ll's.... lol
I have learned a new word! I think Lucy is right...with a name like Jim it was bound to happen!! We know you are the real Jim Bunch though!!
Lets quit talking and eat.
I noticed on the blog below that Adi has turned large areas of normally lush, green, Texas sod a dismal shade of brown. You should name her Liberace'. Cuz she's the pianist.
It is always nice to share a meal with friends and or relatives. I do hope I am here for good this time
Cheers Margaret
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Your bunch is the purtiest.
Jim Bunch imposters!!!!

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