Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today is the first anniversary of Mema's death. Her homecoming was to Heaven to be with her Lord, Jesus.

Mrs. Jim's mother died last year, one month before her 90th birthday. We are missing her a lot.

Some posts with Mema

The second is another kind of homecoming. It is of our nephew, Master Sergeant Phil. He has been deployed to Afghanistan for almost six months. We have been missing him a lot also and are really glad he is coming home to us now.

Mema, above, is pictured with Phil's two children. Wouldn't we like to be there and see these smiles when their Dad deplanes.

Phil and family July 4, 2006, post

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Oh, I know you miss Mema. So glad your nephew is coming home. They will all be thrilled to see him!
Dear Jim,
I so understand that you're missing your Mema.
The price of love is missing and sorrow.
I guess we are both willing to pay that price having been allowed to share so much good.
Your Felisol
I'm have no doubt that you are missing Mema very much. She looks like such a sweetie.

I'm so proud of all our servicemen and women.
I am inspired by people such as Phil.
I bet all his loved ones are counting the days until his return home!! God bless those kids of his!!! They have a dad to be VERY proud of!!!!
Mema lived a very long life ... and now is rejoicing with Jesus. Memories can make a person sad ... but it's nice to have memories of loved ones.

Those children must be so excited to be reunited soon with their dad!
You have shown the happy and sad side of homecomings in this post. I am sure Meme is missed, and happy that Phil is returning.
Joyful reunions all around: Mema with Jesus and Dad with the kids. I loved this post.
Please tell Phil "Thank you" for us.

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