Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31, 2008 -- I'll have to change out my calendar!

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I had gotten to like January, this nice calendar helped.

My first, I only had two in my whole life, new car was a 1956 Ford Sunliner like this. Where this one is red, mine was a pale green. It was the first '56 Ford Sunliner in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I just had to have it.

Then I had to sell it when I got drafted into the Army. My car payments were higher than my total Army pay!

I was too cheap to spend $500 more for a ThunderBird. Now, though, really nice Sunliners like this one are worth $10 or $20 thousand more than a '56 T-bird.

Here is a nicer view of my favorite car. I cut off the calendar part and trimmed the work shelf out so you could see it better.

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I think the car is the prettier one here.

Our local NAPA dealer stocks these calendars every year. I have every year except the first and on into the late 1990s. Then I quit getting them for a little while.

Oh well, February 2 is Groundhog Day. That will make next month a little exciting.

[A list (click) of all the cars that I have owned (unless I forgot one or two)]

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In case anyone wishes to know, the February NAPA calendar has a 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible.
I never was a GOAT lover, but I would take a '64 convertible now if it were handed to me.
Jim, unless that is Mrs. Jim on the calander, next to your favorite car, I would think twice where to hang it. lol..... I looked at your car list and noticed that you once owned a Ford Granada, we had one two right about the same time and we sold it within a year. Every time I would put my foot on the gas it would pause and then leap forward. I could never trust that car. Our favorite car, back then was a 1973 Triumph GT6....Awesome little car. Now my husband owns a little BMW Z3 coupe, which we bought on Ebay....that is another story.

Noticed that you mentioned that you used to work for NASA. I grew up off the Howard/Belfort exit of the Gulf Freeway.
There's a car in that picture?
Hi Jim ~~ Nice calendar and nice car and the girl looks OK too. Are you going to tell us what that thing was
in the previous post? Glad you enjoyed my previous post (I don't like saying 'last post' just in case)
I hope your sister liked the stolen body bits also. I put my post on earlier today as I want to watch a 20/20 cricket match which starts at 7.30 pm between Australia and India.
Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle.
Merle, that thing on the 'last post' was a chance spread somewhat resembling the shape of a long tailed horse, of the 'Magic Shell' I put on my vanilla icream. (I ate out of the bucket that day.)
Too bad it didn't turn out to be The Christ like all those people get on their windows in Italy. That would have made me rich!

Ralph, yes, every page has a classic car. Try your NAPA dealer next year for one, maybe they still have one left over but I doubt it. They (calendars) go fast. Cliff can get you one from the NAPA in Tekamah, I have gotten them from there before.

Lucy, Mrs. Jim gave up on me a long time ago about those calendars. But these girls are always decently dressed and posed so I think it's OK.
Our first Granada flooded and was totalled in 1979 by Claudette.
The second one was totalled, 60% of the damage by an oil field truck and 40% by me. No one was hurt.
Jim, check out my daughter's blog at:

If you lived on the south side during Claudette, it's a wonder that no more than your car got flodded out.
I always admire nice wheels.
My first car was a '50 Ford convertible that I bought from my brother. And then I almost killed myself in it when I fell asleep at the wheel. Whoops!
That is one hot car. I like the red and white painting detail.

Enjoyed reading about the cars you owned. Our daughter knows a lot about classic cars, unlike me (although she tries to teach me amd points them out when we pass one.) She has saved her cool classic car calendar. I admit to falling in love with some of those cars. WOW!

Our old cars work, but are not classic. I'm grateful they run!
Great Car, also very impressive " have had" car list
Cheers Margaret

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