Sunday, February 03, 2008

Looking Up

Thou shalt not steal. [Exodus 20:15]
But I just did, read on.
"You are driving ... at a constant speed. On your right is a two-foot drop-off. On your left is a fire engine traveling the same speed as you are. In front of you is a galloping horse you can't overtake. Behind you is a zebra. You, the horse, and the zebra are all traveling the same speed. What must you do to safely get our of this highly dangerous situation?"

"The answer: "Plead with the man to stop the merry-go-round, and let your grandkids ride by themselves from now on."

Cross picture courtessy of Andrea's Thought of the Day (link)


[Can we find ourselves when we are lost in the crowd? In ElPaso, we could look up to the west, Mount Franklin was there for our orientation. In a strange city, we can look up and see (hopefully) the tallest building we know. From the hilltops in Nebraska, we could see the antenna farm lights of North Omaha. Etc, etc.]

"Are you turned around, lost, on a merry-go-round to nowhere? Are you on a strange path that ends in dark places? Look up."

"The cross will guide you home." Luke 15:11-31 (borrowed) From Dr. Charles Watson. First Baptist Church of Conroe (Texas) January 20, 2008, newsletter. (
link to church Web site)

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Dear Jim ~~ Great joke ~ I love it, thanks
And the second part about the Cross guiding in Home is also very good so you have done well in my humble opinion.
Glad you enjoyed the maid mix-up and why God made Moms. We had a thunderstorm yesterday and my Internet dropped out, but
we did get 33 mms of rain. 25mm = 1 inch.
But I am happy to be back on the air.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Merry go rounds will get you nowhere. They also make you very dizzy.
Your message is a goody.
Good message and joke Jim. I hadn't heard the joke.
I like the calender below and although at first I didn't believe you, upon closer examination there IS a car in that picture even if I didn't see it at first.
Oh wow Jim I needed to read that today. I know that he will guide me.

Hugs xx
Good merry-go-round story. At first, I thought it was going to be a math question!

Nice car, too.
Great joke and message.
Ahhhhh.....The story of the prodical son. It is a many layered parable and one of my favorites....I'll email you about the wheat grinder.
"The answer: "Plead with the man to stop the merry-go-round, and let your grandkids ride by themselves from now on."

Your to funny! I love your Sunday devotionals.

Blessings to you and Mrs. Jim,

Dear Jim,
I've stopped riding carousels long time ago, except from the romantic ones, like that in Florence with horses and street-organ music.
Real life is a roller coaster that goes more than fast enough to my likings.

Thank you, Jim for being so supportive and for your words about His Healing Grace.
It kind of took the strain away from my shoulders.
I'll have to try to leave the important things to the Lord and concentrate on mountain hiking and porridge making. (My Mom loves oatmeal porridge for breakfast,- iijk)

Have a good golfing week.
All the best for you and Mrs. jim from Felisol
Good message Jim and so right about the cross!

When I was a kid my favorite part of the fair was to ride the merry go round!! What fun!!

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