Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fools Day -- I'm "Free at last! Free at last!"

1. Left-handed Whoppers at Burger King!

2. Big Ben is going digital!

3. I'm "Free at last! Free at last!"

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OK, lets talk about # 3 here today.

Mema used to say, tell a little white lie. Then it will take a big black lie to cover it.

That happened yesterday to me.

I called in sick, "My cold has gone to my chest, I have chest congestion." [Little white lie here.]

Silence on the other end.

"And I have a temperature this morning." [I had set this up last Friday, when I reported I thought I was coming down with a cold.]

More silence.

"My temperature is about 102." [Blackest lie I told, maybe.]

Finally, "Well, we don't think you should come in. Perhaps you'd better see your doctor about that."

Silence from me. I didn't want to see my doctor as I didn't have a temperature at all, in fact I felt better than I did when I called in sneezing Friday.

More, "Do you want me to call your surgeon to cancel or should we?"

Now we're getting there. "No, thanks, I'll call him." (To myself, "sorry 'bout that.")

More (isn't it getting disgusting here?) "We can reschedule you to come back in about a week."

"I can't do that, I'll be out of the country then."

Giving up, "well, you call your doctor and I'm sure you'll get worked in."

That was it there. Now I had to face the doctor who was to have given me a colonoscopy this morning. I'm writing this at 7:07 right now, I was to check into Memorial Herman Outpatient Surgery in just a few minutes at 7:30.

It was OK with the doc, we could reschedule, my cardiologist's clearance would still be good, etc, etc.

But I won't. I'll see my GP first, then later I will return. Maybe even get a different interologist.

I just didn't feel good about having that procedure today! Pun intended.

But I am free today!

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In case you didn't remember, these first two items, #s 1 and 2, were famous April Fools jokes announced through the press. Today we have the Internet.
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Go here to see how Adi and I spent the first part of this "free day".

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Don't blame you Jim for avoiding the colonoscopy... Come by my blog I have an award for you! :)
I had a colonoscopy last year, and I don't remember a thing about it. I barely remember getting dressed and leaving the hospital.
I call that procedure a Roto Rooter.

April Fool's jokes are fun! There have been some good ones over the years. My son looked some of them up, and we had fun laughing about them.

Enjoy the rest of your FREE DAY!!!!
Dear Jim,
no wonder you didn't want that examination,
but child, there sure was a good reason why you were to have it.
Now you have to wait and dread even longer.
Perhaps because I should get time to send up a couple of prayers for you that they all will turn out fine.
Dear Lord take good care of Jim,
heal his body, strengthen his spirit and mind.
Bless the whole family as they are setting out for Europe once more.
Yours Felisol
It's not nice to fool mother nature. You should have done it. Were you prepared for it? (I mean that in a literal sense)
I don't want anyone to worry, I will do this soon. Right after Ireland. A few things just weren't right this time.
Hi Jim ~~ I thought I warned you about telling lies. Don't forget when you get back, how ill you were with the temperature. BTW when my daughter was a baby 22 months old she got a
staphylcochal pneumonia and her temp went to 108.5 and she survived and is very healthy (after about the 8th anti-biotic they tried.)
Have a wonderful trip and Take care
and WATCH YOUR STEP!!! And worry about the colonoscopy when you get back. Very Best Wishes to you and Mrs. Jim. Merle.
I've never had a colonoscopy but I would probably get cold feet as you did.
My Grandpa had colon cancer and had to wear the bag thing for many years, so in about 6 yrs I gotta do it.

Loved your rabbit in the fridge joke ...too cute.
Pretty funny, Jim...sometimes we just outsmart ourselves, don't we!

Thanks for the smile--and the link to this on my post--

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