Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're back!

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This is New York City from the air as seen through a foggy plane window. We returned Monday from spending a very nice week touristing in Ireland. Karen and Billy went with us.

There weren't any plane connections (on Continental Airlines) back to Houston Monday evening so we had to spend the the night in NYC.

This we knew before leaving home and had made reservations, etc. for our stay. We all enjoyed the sight seeing Tuesday morning.

[click pictures for large size]
click here for super sized Cathy Lee]

[large picture] [super sized]

Now for a little blogging R&R, that's reading and relating The relating will come after I get some things done--get Adi for certain, we have missed her a lot!

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Good to have you guys back. I noted in your to-do-list that you are coming for Adie. We really enjoyed having her so you may have a small fight on your hands when you come for her.
Welcome back Jim and Mrs. Jim!! I know Adi will be sooooo excited to see you!!!

I know your trip was a blast. Ireland looks like such a pretty place to visit. Looking forward to hearing all about it!
Oh it is so nice that you guys are back!!!!Love Terry
Jim ~ I have some pictures similar to these of when Mrs. LZ and I celebrated our anniversary in NYC one year. As for the questions you had on my blog...
I am glad you guys are back! I had wondered where you'd been. Sounds like you've been doing some nice traveling! Good for you guys! We were in Australia two summers ago. I was not wild about driving there with all of the traffic in everywhere that we planned to go and see. So we decided to fly and take guided tour buses.

We were in Sydney for a week. Then on to the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise for a week. Then in Brisbane for three days. Before flying back to Sydney, and then a flight on to New Zealand. Then just a day in Auckland, NZ and followed that flight back through Papette, Tahiti. We really had a wonderful time!

As for blogging... everyone has their niche. Mine is just LAZIER than most! ~ jb///
Hi Jim ~~ Glad to read that you and Mrs. Jim are safely home, after what I am sure was a wonderful week in Ireland. Look forward to photos of it.
As to the photo of my late Mother, oh ye of little faith. I assure you it is quite genuine. Taken at a bird sanctuary they had trays with seed on them and all the birds flew to eat.No trick photography at all. Glad you enjoyed the jokes and of course Adi can post the cat/dog outlook on life. Take care, Regards, Merle.
My butt is in PA, but my heart is in NY. I was raised in NY as I spent every summer with my aunt and uncle. Those are some of my best memories. The pictures are great!
Welcome home. Thanks for putting up the pics of NYC. Honestly, that's as close as I want to get. I'm afraid I'd be overwhelmed by it.
I'm sure Adi was SOooo happy to see you!

You got to see Kathy Lee Gifford. That's neat.

NYC is a fun place to visit.
I'm glad you are home, safe & sound.
I know this post is from last year - but I hope you had a wonderful time in NY, and you certainly pointed out all the famous spots

thanks for your visit

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