Friday, May 02, 2008

UPDATE: Jim is home from his procedure and is OK. We are checking our e-mail and things like that. I'd rather go for a walk but he is a little groggy for that. In fact he slept a couple of hours after he got home. And after feeding me.

He said everything went pretty well except that we won't be eating peanuts anymore.

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Thanks for the update. What about peanut butter?
I can still eat the 'creamy' kind of peanut butter. Thank goodness!
Jim, I'm glad the procedure went well... Why no peanuts? Did they find diverticuli? I have diverticulosis and spent time in the hospital last year when it flared up into diverticulitis. No more peanuts for me either...
Yes, it is diverticulosis and I have never been bothered by it (yet).

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