Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adi Can . . . . . . . Help Jim with these poor Texas Golden Rod plants

Killed by Jim and Adi!

Oh yes, first this. BP, our granddaughter, a.k.a. GC#4, has posted again on her blog. And she has been visiting us for a couple of days, it is a Fwd: Fwd: funny. She does have the ending for her book worked up, she just needs to write a little more in the middle.

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Unwanted, killed, and dead by pulling. Jim pulled it out of his flower bed last week.

[large picture] [super sized]
Goldenrod flowers really grow big in Texas! Everything does! Eat your hearts out Nebraskans. This is one from last summer before it went to seed.

[large picture] [super sized]
Too big for their britches, these were last year's gone to seed a little.

Goldenrods grow by spread of seed. They also grow runners under ground and baby plants pop up all over the place.

Mrs. Jim got me one plant for my birthday years ago. They were out of hand for a couple of years later, now we almost have them eradicated. They are what we call wild flowers in Texas, actually to most they are just weeds.

[large picture] [super sized]
Here is my partner in crime. Adi wanted the ruler laid down to measure it. You can see it is two yards long, six feet. They won't grow that tall in Nebraska, ever.

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Jim, I've lived in NYC ALL MY LIFE! How do you think I've done it? I love your weeds especially the goldenrod which make me sneeze just thinking about it A-CHOO!
i do not know the differance between a weed and a flower or vegtable, so i let everything compete with one another and the best man{plant} win...the adversity kills off the weakest right???well that is always my tomatoes, corn, cukes, etc
Goldenrod is our state flower and it can grow up to 8 feet. The blooms are pretty but they cause the allergies to kick in!

Nebraska is probably better at growing tall corn!!

Adi looks bored sitting there looking at that plant. She is thinking, "Let's go inside where it's cool and I'll have a treat please."
Oh Grampa Jim...I just love your partner in crime!!
Ha!!! All of those doggie ads on TV cannot even come close to your little pal!! Adi is the best and all of your blogging friends must surely agree!!

As for the golden rod, I have always loved them There were so many on the prairies, in my beloved Manitoba..
Here is a poem that I love about the golden rod Mr. Jim and Adi;


SOME day the fields of Flanders shall bloom in peace again,
Field lilies and the clover spread where once was crimson stain,
And a new, cheerful golden spray shine through the sun and rain.

The clover's for the English who sleep beneath that sod,
The lily's for the noble French whose spirits rest with God,
But where our sacred dead shall sleep must bloom the goldenrod.

For every flower of summer those meadows will have room,
And yet I think no Flemish hand will touch the Kaiserbloom,
Whose growing blue must evermore whisper of grief and doom.

But clover for the English shall blossom from the sod,
And glorious lilies for the French whose spirits rest with God.
And where our own lads lie asleep the prairie goldenrod.

Once more the Flemish children shall laugh through Flemish lanes,
And gather happy garlands through fields of bygone pains,
And, as they run and cull their flowers, sing in their simple strains:

"These clovers are for English who fought to save this sod,
These lilies for the valiant French--may their souls rest in God!
And for the brave Americans we pluck this goldenrod."

from Great Poems of the World War: Electronic Edition, W. D. Eaton
jim i have posted twice on the fabians, once on a supposed meeting and one on the book of the president, which is real, but i have no idea what is in it...so you continue not to believe in the fabians and you will be just fine, and i had to make a plug for our pageant...i am an usher there everynight for 2 weeks starting TONIGHT...so i had to mention what we do, and we both believe in baptism by immersion, and i do believe in grace and that the salvation through jesus is for all his children as a FREE gift, so what ele is there to know only that i am probably going to remain a KOOK
Speaking of plugs, BP, our granddaughter, a.k.a. GC#4, has posted again.

It isn't one of her book instalments, rather it is a Fwd: Fwd: funny. She does have the ending for her book worked up, she just needs to write a little more in the middle.
Hi Guys!! I updated again. :-)
I added this realy cool thing to my blog. You bloggers out there sould realy try blogger in draft. You can get lots of cool gadjets for the blog. By the way this is funny smiley
He has on glasses
We have our share of weeds around here but certianly none like that.
Hi Adi.
Poor Goldenrod. You and Adi haven't committed any violence against any Meadowlarks have you?
I'm wondering if Adi uses garden tools or just hangs around offering her support.
She's the best!!
I think you enjoy comparing Texas with Nebraska.
I visited your granddaughter.
I voted for a suspenseful ending to her story.

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