Friday, June 27, 2008

A quickie tour of Luckenbach, Texas, in pictures

Adi is packed, that means Mrs. Jim and I are travelling again.

And the contest below is still on, until July 13.

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.And this time Adi gets to stay at the Karen and Billy Hotel. Except for one little problem, Adi had it made over there. What's her problem, she even gets her bed brought over for her?

[Picture taken by Karen]
.Amber could be a problem here. Adi has heard of sharing, but this is ridiculous!

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.That's right, Mrs. Jim and I stopped at Luckenbach, Texas, last night. That is the place Willie Nelson put on the map with his Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas, song (lyrics link).

[click pictures for large size]
They might mail your letter from this Post Office, but they don't get any mail or have mail routes. Mostly is old junk, I don't know if any of it is for sale.

The back porch has this bar. They sell a lot of beer from here. People take it out to the picnic tables to listen to the music or drink their beer at the outside bar under the trees. We were 'just looking' today.

First picture is the 'food to go' kitchen. Next is the inside of the men's room. Last on the right is the outside of this building. Mrs. Jim said the women's room had stalls with curtains for doors.

Here the action is starting. We were there from about 6:00 PM to around 7:15 and this fellow was playing and singing on the stage the whole time.

Mrs. Jim was waiting for me to come back from the men's room. The last picture says the singer is taking a break and that 'all that's left is us chickens.' Happy picnicking with your food on those tables. Shoo the chickens off first.

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I suppose this is the trip on the way to blogstock......I have always wondered what Luchenback, TX looked like, now I know.

I hope Adi is going to survive with Amber sleeping in her bed. We see who rules the roost in that house.......Amber!

Have a good trip, keep us informed about blogstock.

FYI: Rob Riedel is helping me install my antenna, it should be up and running by tonight. I hurt my arm so I didn't make it over to the Extra test. I am just able to type.
Poor little Babe...Just send her over to her Canadian auntie and uncle for the time being....Love Terry

PS May as well send Amber too. Fox 29 has "Deal or No Deal reruns on five days a week...Yay!!![and I won't let her watch TV until she spits out the answers to the contest!]
Nice pics ... now really, if you put a pic of the men's room, Mrs. Jim needs to put one of the ladies room too ;) ... hey, just in case I try to match feet with face in your contest, what's the PRIZE???
Adi looks ready to go to Luchenbach with Willie, Waylon and the boys. Also, Jerry Jeff Walker's Live from Luchenbach album is a classic.
Is everybody going to blogstock but me?

Have a great trip and thanks for sharing the pictures. They're great!
be safe
That looks like a fun place to visit.
I've been in bathrooms like the one Mrs. Jim described. I remember going to a restaurant last summer that looked a lot like that place, and the restrooms were made of old wood and had curtains for doors.
Was anyone ever born in Lukenbach?
Are there any homes there?
I'm thinking of relocating this soundslike a happening place.

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