Saturday, July 19, 2008

My friend, John sent me this 1950's Woolworth counter menu.
I remember when, do you?

[large picture]

.Just multiply time 10 or so to get today's prices.

The main problem with this is that us senior citizen's fixed incomes don't multiply time ten.

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Dear Jim,
I guess back then you had no fixed income either...
From Felisol
Well, you ain't been retired since 1950, I don't think.
jim, your credibility is so purely shot, rodent droppings on glaciers, my o my, how could rodents be living on glaciers///?????THIS WATER WAS PRISTINE....i harldy can believe .30 for a ham sandwich
I can remember getting a hot fudge sundae at Woolworth's and the price was determined by popping a balloon with a price in it.

And, wooden floors were the order of the day.
What a neat menu!
I LOVE those prices!!!
I remember eating at a Woolworth's in Sioux City, IA. We often went there when we had to "go into the city" for things like an optometrist visit or Christmas chopping or for Mom to cash in her Green Stamps at the Green Stamp Store.

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