Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

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I thought I'd tell you about the rules of RUBY TUESDAY.
They are real simple:

On Tuesdays you can post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED.

I will might post a NEW Ruby Tuesday each some Tuesdays.

Your photo can contain lots of RED

or a little bit of RED

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My post for today is a photograph from our holiday in Scotland in Spring of 2007.
This is daughter Karen making her call.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
While your are there, register one for yourself
if you have a red picture laying around to post.

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Yes, she's smiling at you like she's having a good time in that lovely red booth.
Another place i so want to visit i think i would be in Photo heaven
Are you sure she isn't chasing Daleks?
Oh I miss seeing phone booths like that! There's no more like that here!

Mine's also posted. Check it out HERE.

Have a great day!
The classic red phone booth. Great shot.
Happy RT!!
Gday Jim,, Nice happy snap.. Its a long time since of seen an old Phone booth like that,.. Gees I must be getting old..
Hi Jim - What a classic that phone box is. And what a nice looking daughter you have. (She looks amused -- at the photographer, maybe??)
Lovely daughter!
Great shot!
Beautiful daughter and a cool red phone box. I see from Doug's comment that I'm not the only person who's mind goes to Dr. Who when I see a phone booth.
OK guys, I have only seen one Dr. Who movie. I was thinking Clark Kent.
A fun insert that makes you smile :)
The British red telephone booths have so much more character that the blue ones we have in Cnada!
What a great phone booth. Wish we had those! Have you tried finding a payphone when the battery on the cellphone dies? About impossible. And such a pretty red on to boot! :)
Great choice of red, and a lovely photo.
Oh the famous red phone booth. Maybe one day I'll go to UK to see it myself. Have a great Ruby Tuesday!
You have to think a booth in this country would elicit stares from from the younger populace these days given their penchant for cell phones.

A lovely daughter, indeed!
I want to visit Scotland so much!

I've been to London many times - fell in love with those giant red booths.

Lovely shot, your daughter is beautiful.
I need to get out more - I thought that pic was from the "UK" section of EPCOT in Walt Disney World! LOL

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*
I love these great phone booths. Cute daughter. I've got a shot of my daughter in one of these, too (not for this Ruby tuesday though)! Happy Ruby tuesday...
Dear Jim,
I liked the idea of Ruby Tuesday,
especially since my foster-niece is called Ruby.
Don't know if I copied it right, though.
From Felisol
I can't remember when I've seen ANY phone booths, let alone a red one! Great Ruby Red entry, Jim! And a very beautiful daughter! How nice of you to take her to Scotland... my Dad's never taken me to Scotland.
I love old telephone booths. Great entry. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

I am up here
Dear Jim,
Half of the time my two brain halves are not connected.
Today is 30 Celsius degrees. We've had sun for a week. Normally we have 12 Celsius degrees.
Just this day, when I was to leave my URL at Mary T's place I decided that I once more would try my luck on Blogger's dashboard.
I wnated to change blog name to "On The Far Side Of The Sea."
Well, that did not work, but Blogger somehow accepted my second choice:
Now I fear that I'll have to visit all my friends to leave my new adress. I certainly did not plan for this.
Especially not today.
Ai,ai, I am not constructed for heat. My brain's gone burning hot, and we don't even own a old fashioned fan.
I love it though, walking barefooted, lying on the green grass.
I'll have to contact Gunnar to recover from this mess I've made.
Only not today. He's too burning warm too, and are trying to fix the brakes on his MG.

Thank you for nice words about Serina. I do agree; we both have beautiful daughters.

The sad thing about Serina is; she doesn't believe in people telling nice things about her. Somewhere along the road her self confidence has been totally ruined.
Last week when she was accepted at THE most prestigious College for journalists and media education, she just sat down and cried. This cannot be true.
She used 6 days to talk herself into accepting her place.
(She applied for two photo colleges too, was accepted there as well.)

We, her family do pray a lot, but I would not reject a prayer from you as well!!

Yours Felisol
Jim, I wish we had those RED booths here in the US, don't you? Thanks for posting for Ruby Tuesday. You know how happy it makes me! :)
Great Ruby Tuesday picture and I was so glad to see the black cat on your blog. I haven't seen it in such a long time. :)

Scotland is a place I'd love to visit.
Thanks for your comment Jim!
We miss Elsie, but we are all so glad and a little bit jealous that she is in heaven right now, and we not only celebrate her life but the promise we all have in Christ.
How wonderful that your friend came to know Christ!
This is a fun Ruby Tuesday entry.
Your daughter is lovely.

I've been to London and I guessed that was where the photo was taken. I was wrong.
Scotland is on my list of places to visit! Lovely picture and a wonderful memory for you I'm sure.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
LOVE that phone booth!
AND your daughter sure is pretty!!!

:-) Nice photo.
So... does Karen put on tights and a cape and become a superhero? I think she should. She looks like she'd be good at it.
Good capture of the moment Jim. Karen looks happy.
I hope the new relationship works out with your dog.
Jim ~ Karen looks like she's having a GREAT time! ~ jb///

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