Sunday, August 17, 2008

A good reason to like McDonald's?

Picture by Jim, ©2006 Jimmiehov
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Proverbs 23 (
1 When you sit to dine with a ruler,
note well what is before you,

2 and put a knife to your throat
if you are given to gluttony.

3 Do not crave his delicacies,
for that food is deceptive.

4 Do not wear yourself out to get rich;
have the wisdom to show restraint.

(I like McDonald's)

McDonalds Restaurant in Moscow, Russia
street address unknown

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Gday Jim The only time I go to Mcdonalds is when I take the grandkids, and of course they love it and i have a Chicken ranch delux burger thats very nice and a bottle of water,,,
Sounds like a good reason to like Burger King.
Oh, but I do love Mcdonald's french fries.
I kind of like their breakfast sandwiches, but I got burned out on the rest of the menu. That was the only place my kids wanted to go when they were small.
I prefer Burger King (they give a 10% discount across the board, whereas McD's only gives us a break on coffee.)
I worked for Burger King for 14 years. They brainwashed us to hate McDonalds.
I'm not a fan of McDonald's. I do like their vanilla cones though and a couple other menu items.
I prefer Arby's or Jack in the Box if I'm going to have fast food.
I rarely eat fast food, but I DO EAT!!!

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