Friday, September 26, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #008 -- A pretty girl drives this car!

Jim's Little Photo Place today: Skywatch Friday

Today: Native American Day (U.S.A)

Picture of the day:

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How do I know a pretty girl drives this car?
I saw a smaller size head with a pony tail hairdo.

How do I know she is a nice girl? By the way she drives, very carefully.
She even stopped at the stop sign! (Jim followed her through, hiding behind the truck, not stopping again. OK?)

Why is there a stop sign in the middle of the road and an orange light as well?
Just for this pretty girl and me to stop. Not really, the controller has been damaged when Ike knocked the power out.

Any other hints on why she is a nice girl?
Yes, her license plate (I have it 'blued' out) is personalized, with a name presumably hers. And it ends with "...MY" which means she has been named with an endearing label. And that letting people know this was worth $50 to someone!

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Hi Jim! I hope the power is all getting back on down there by now.

I'm catching up on your posts. Katrin is so cute! Yes, I agree, she needs more blog mentions!

I seldom get coffee at McDonald's but I have recently because I discovered that they put the cream in for you at the drive thru, which is something I like. Now with them putting their fingers in my cup....I may not go back anymore. Then again, I guess if we knew what goes on in most places we'd never eat out at all!
You are required to come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs. I would probably make a citizens arrest if I were behind you.
What was so strange to me after Andrew was how I missed turning onto streets because trees and lights were gone. We are truly creatures of habit.

I hope you have power back by now!

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