Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Jim's little wannabe red truck

It's wannabe because I would like to have a little red truck like this one. I drove Dad's 1949 Ford pickup, like this 1950 model, except Dad's was black.

That little truck hummed down the road just like it was mine. I only got it into three accidents while I was driving it too school. Not too bad for a 14-year-old kid, huh? Actually none of those accidents were my fault.

I had that truck again in college when I broke my foot. Dad felt sorry for me having to walk all over the place in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was a mile, through the snow, up hill, form where I was staying at a cousin's home.

When I dropped out of school Dad didn't know. He didn't know until I had a job in the Elgin Watch factory in Lincoln. After a few months of this he decided I was old enough for me to have my own car. At age 20 Dad still had to sign for me.

The car I found (Dad and the Ford dealer found it for me) was a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe. It had belonged to my high school chemistry teacher and principal, Elmer Cells (Cliff's uncle). I liked that car a lot but wore it out rather quickly in about a year.

Well, not this one, it is my toy, a 1:18 die cast of a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.
Here is a real one pictured at the Smithsonian: (link)

I do have a 1:18 scale toy red Ford Pickup looks like the one in the picture, I just don't have a picture of it, yet.

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Jimmie ~ You aren't the only one who would like to have THAT pick up truck! "Hi" to Mrs. Jim and Adi! ~ jb///
What a cute little toy car.
I like that red truck too, also!!
I hope you get one just like it!
So, you drove your dad's black truck at age 14?
Only three accidents, and NONE your fault?!!
That's a pretty good track record.

I should have added, and so will now, that I do have a toy red pickup like this one. It is a 1948, the year of the model change.
WOW! I'd love to have one too:) Nice photo as well! Mine is posted HERE. Happy RT!~
Dear Jim,
that ford has a nose just like my grandpa's Ford buses. So round and smiley faced.
Good for you those mishaps did not cause any you harm. 14 years old and driving.
I call that the wild west.
Cute Studebaker too.
From Felisol
What a classic car! It's so beautiful!

My RT entries are posted here and here. Happy Tuesday!
Oh that red truck is a beauty for sure. My hubby would love to have one of those in his garage! Ahh you have some wonderful memories, though, Jim!!
That really is quite a spiffy red truck. I can see why you'd want one. And that Studebaker -- what can I say but, "They sure don't make cars like they used to!"

Happy Ruby Tuesday.
wish I could have one too.lol..
nice photo♥
I love the lines of old trucks and cars and the colors. So much more style in my opinion.
Great post!
My dad had an old Ford truck like that too Jim. I was a little girl and I remember it sitting in front of the house every night. Dad used to keep his keys right in the ignition until someone tried to steal it one night. After that he would put his keys on his dresser in his bedroom. That old truck was fun to ride in.
Red is the best color for a truck. I enjoyed your stories.
You are not the only one driving at 14. That is a great red truck. I can see the vanity plate now "Latoy"
Nice truck, Jim. I think it would be fun to drive around town in but I'd be afraid to take it to a shopping mall for fear of some crazy shopper banging it with their doors.
Happy Ruby Tuesday!
You dropped out of school and didn't tell dad??? Driving at age 14??? Wild child you were Mr.Jimmie ;) Good Ruby Tuesday picture ... just how much would a restored red truck such as this one cost in today's dollars???
Man, I love me some old trucks.
that is a beautiful truck!!

driving at 14 eh? guess you were a bit of a rebel :)
The Ford truck is still the style for that year's truck - and perfect for a hot rod today. I like the truck, even with either the flathead 6 or V-8

I believe those were referred to as the 'coming and going' Studebakers. Raymond Lowey's classic design...
Ours isn't red, it doesn't have an engine or trans, it hasn't been road-worthy for years, it may never see the road, but we do have one like that parked out behind the barn.
Hi Jim ~~ Nice red truck. We call that type of vehicle a 'Utility' or 'Ute'
Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the Mergers thingo. Glad you like the Pastor Rob, even though you had seen it before. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Three accidents and none of them your fault? Okay I believe that.
My first truck was 1 '36 Chevy - loved that truck.
What? We still looking at that truck?
Nice truck Jim!! I'd love to have one like it also!!

Thank you for the award!! I'll blog about it sometime as soon as I can!!

Say Hi to Mrs. Jim!!!
Jim, thanks for the update on Charles new vanity call sign....I like it. Tell him I said "Hi"...
Hi Jim, I wonder how easy it would be to pick up a truck like that these days. I prefer the truck to the car. Bob.
Oh, I LOVE your Ruby Tuesday truck! That's almost as good as a Hummer!
Gorgeous truck! ~ Deb

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