Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday (cat sleeping in picture below):

Let sleeping cats lay -- Tomorrow they may have a busy day

Sarah Palin's favorite cartoon: (go look)
Oooops, looks like her cartoon quit just like she did!

Today: October 1st is World Vegetarian Day (save a pig's life)

Yesterday: Consensus is to keep the little red desk

Picture of the day:


This is Karen's cat, Amber. It was sleeping on her bed, just minding it's own business.

Karen is a little mischievous sometimes, this time she put the cover on thinking Amber would wake up and get up. That didn't happen, Amber wiggled and settled in for the finish of her nap.

Amber was rescued from Karen's friend. The cat was used to being a house cat but for some reason that I can't remember Amber was required to become an outside cat.

Neither the friend nor Karen wanted that so Karen has now has Amber. Amber is back to being a house cat. That cat is really spoiled. We tried to unspoil her while we kept her for a couple of weeks. (link)

I did teach her to come when I called and to sleep in her own bed at night. Her bed was right beside Adi's bed, both were right beside our bed.

The cat in this YouTube video is NOT AMBER. This cat seems to be much younger than Amber who is about 16 years old now.

If the YouTube doesn't work then click here
Word of the Day:
Devil's Dictionary: KILL, v.t. To create a vacancy without nominating a successor.
Free Online Dictionary: KILL, v.t.
1.a. To put to death.
1.b. To deprive of life: The Black Death was a disease that killed millions.
2. To put an end to; extinguish: The rain killed our plans for a picnic.
Urban Dictionary: KILL, #21 of 30 - stop, get rid of, make go away
Why isn't the Tylenol killing this toothache pain I've had since last Sunday?

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Your revealing 'hat tip' about the McDonald's cup 'trick' has put me on alert. Is your town back to normal since Ike rolled through?
Thats a good picture Jim, and what a smart cat! I have decided to give you an award because I really enjoy visiting and reading what you write. To collect it please visit my blog. Bob.
Dear Mr. Jim...No that isn't Amber.
Amber doesn't like boxing. Her game is "Deal Or No Deal!"

That sure is a nice picture of Amber sleeping. Maybe next Tuesday you can put nice little red flannelette PJ's On her and a red night cap!.......Love Terry

Did you get my email Mr.Jim?..
I miss the days when I had nutty cats. When I am old and more willing to stay home, I will have to invite in some new fuzzy friends.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm not sure where I heard about the pink everyday for a month, but I liked it, so I joined in. I do enjoy collecting my little cows, but I wouldn't know what to do with a full-sized one. I have had the chance to enjoy Cow Parades in Atlanta and Monte Carlo. Take care.
P.S. Your picture of the sleeping kitten is adorable and I cracked up over the boxing cat video. See you later.
Dear Jim,
are you up so late at night?
We were over at Terry's at the same time.
Your bedroom must be quite lively, two dogs, and the occasional visiting cat.
Our Marcello, who disappeared two years ago, used to sneak over the roof top and in through the open bedroom window when in vacation at my parents.
Cats are cool. They are too wise to let us now what they know.

I am happy about the destiny of your red desk. I hope we'll meet it again some other Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol
No ... I did not add a blue rinse to my hair ... but it does appear that way ... even in person ... could just be the newness of having virgin gray hair, eh? Did you catch the post about Nathan hitting a hole in one twice last Sunday (miniature golf that is ;) Thanks for the book recommendation ... I'm always up for a good read about nursing home folks ;) ... glad to read your area is getting back to normal ... you're right ... lots of stupid people put their lives at risk when ordered to vacate the premises prior to IKE, YIKES!
Jim - What does Adi think about this Ambre chick? ~ jb///
Well Amber seems as spoilt as my two cats. They are both house casts. Both of them love nothing more than to be made into the bed. If we are making the bed then we make the cats into it if they are sleeping on it. Its really funny and they seem to like it. lol

Give Adi a hug because I don't want her to get jealous that Amber was the topic of your post.

Hugs xx
Mrs. Mac, Houston is starting to get back to normal, working towards Galveston and the rest of the Texas coast, things are still terrible there and will be for months.
We are almost back to normal up here if they only would haul the dead cut up trees away.
I read about Nathan's hole-in-one. That is good, some of them are pretty tough holes to make in a lot more.

Dreadnought (Bob) Thanks for the award. I peeked at and I like it. Probably the next post will display it.

Terry, the top picture is Amber. She is still with Karen but I'll order a night uniform for her. Amber really likes sleeping to the Deal or No Deal show, it just lulls her right away.
10-4 on the e-mail.

Gail, thank you for peeking in. You are welcome to come back, what you saw is how I am. Those fuzzy friends are nice to come home to even when you have to go out every day.

G'ma Faith, thank you also for checking in. And what you see is pretty well what is here all the time. You are keeping a 100% approval on the video, the cat is so cute.

Felisol, I am a night person, I always have been. Sometimes I wished I could hide my true self like a cat does.
Your Ruby Tuesdays have been outstanding, I enjoy them. I saw 30 comments there last night

LZ (Jerry), at first I wondered that myself but they get along together really good. Of course Amber doesn't live with us, only we visit there and once she came here.

Cat, thank you for being concerned about Adi. We really work at to assure her that we still love her and she isn't just the 'old dog' laying around here.
Adi and I even have together time at least once a week.
I have seen pictures of your cats, you need to put them on your blog more often, people like these pets.
Jim, Amber is a real cutie! I just loved that video. We have a spoiled cat too.

Jim, about the "bailout" or Rescue plan: What I want to see is that the goverment take action to change the rules on what went wrong. The need to repeal the Community Reinvestiment Act that allows/penalizes banks to give out loans to people who can't afford them. Contrary to popular belief, everyone does not "deserve" to buy a house, only people who can afford them. Mortagage companies were giving out loans to people who had no proof of income or gave out loans with a 65% of gross income ratio for Mortage payment/income. They handed out ARM loans to people who couldn't afford higher mortgate rates to get them into houses. They then sold worthless paper to the banks so they could make a quick buck. Subprime mortgages were a disaster. In 2005, John McCain tried to pass a bill that would have changed all of this, with the bad loans, but it was voted down. I don't like McCain much but I see a different side of him now. (I'm not an Obama fan either.)

Back in the old days we had to have a 1 to 4 ratio and put a down payment of 10 to 20% and prove income and have a job!!! What ever happened to old common sense. I have been studying this and it seems that Jimmy Carter started the Community Reinvestiment Act and then Bill Clinton added more rules to it and it has been down hill ever since. Down right greed and bad loans have killed our housing market. People buying houses they could not afford and sheer greed by the mortgate companies/banks are a big factor in this.

I suppose we are all worried about our pensions but something needs to be done to rectify all of this. I don't want to see a bailout and then nothing be done to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Another thing: Who is going to ask for a bailout next? How many companies are we going to bail out to save our pensions and our country? I wonder what our dollar will be worth after all of the dust settles. Sorry for the rant.
Lucy, that's what Mr. Buffet said and more.
He did say that this 'bailout' won't fix the problem, it is more like a tournament and more medicine, etc. Also it will take a long time to heal.
Probably even an infection (get a lot worse) will occur, but the nation won't quite bleed to death.
I will be glad when this election is over. LOL!

I love the cat pictures. so adorable!

I'll be back tomorrow to get caught up on your post. I have a free evening. Yea!
Ah, Amber is so cute!!

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