Thursday, December 04, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #014 -- Our Early Ford V-8 club meeting for lunch

[large picture] [super sized]

Over the hills

[large picture] [super sized]

Watch for the kids

[large picture] [super sized]

Through the woods

[large picture] [super sized]

Our Early For V-8 Club met
at Al's farm for Saturday lunch

(the house is on the right)

[large picture] [super sized]
Air conditioned,
we didn't need it that day

[large picture] [super sized]

Look like He Haw to you?

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Hi Jim, that looks like a bunch of guys up for some mischief! Why has yout president have to make do without his Blackberry?
Jim, I wish I could join you or rather the wives (no women in the rocking chairs on the porch. It looks so country, so friendly, so enjoyable! :) Love your RED antique car!
very hee-hawish indeed ... but in a good way. my hubby has a picture of the 'slow children at play' and jokes that it's offensive to our Nathan ;)
I have always wanted one of those Fords. The closest I got was a '46red Mercury coupe.
Nice old car, Jim! I wish I was on the porch in the rocking chairs with you guys!
Dear Jim,
As a child I loved to listen in while my dad, uncles and granddad told an endless flow on car & bus stories.
They looked just so caught up in their own world, eager and at the same relaxed, like you and your bunch are doing.
Bet you were having a wonderful time.
From Felisol
"Gloom despair and agony on me."

Nah... I'm not seeing Hee Haw here.
I searched the world over
and I thought I found true love.
You met another
and *pfth* you were gone.
Oh! BTW, my folks live in Houston so I just might show up on your doorstep, now that you left your official invite in my comments...I can not be stopped by a mere restraining order. ;-0
Hi Jim ~~ Thanks for your comments.
Looks like you guys are on the loose, no wives apparent. Hope the weather is treating you well. Today has been quite hot here - 33C which is early 90 s F. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Gday Jim, Not a lady in sight.
While the cats away the mice do play.. hehehe.
We had a couple of old fords come through town yesterday and Guess what my camera was home sitting on the computer ready to download pics, otherwise its home is in my car at all times..
You guys look like your just waiting for something to happen.
I like your antique Ford! I will have to tell Airhead 55 to stop by and see the photos. He loves cars as much as he loves airplanes. ;-)

Thanks for visiting me. To answer your question, I've never heard of Olympia beer. The photo shows part of the Olympia Diner sign through the raindrops.
I needed a photo for Ruby Tuesday, so I cheated with a pink sign!
Porch sitting - now THAT'S something I really enjoy.
I hope the lunch was yummy.

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