Thursday, January 29, 2009

I wish I could -- Why I can't and never will

Wishes that won't come true:

I wish I could paint -- I don't like to paint rooms or houses, that's all I can paint. I am not artistic

I wish I could sing -- After being kicked out (asked to leave) a church choir (Methodist Church in New Hampshire) I knew that was the end of my public singing. The choir director said I had a bad ear. Before that in El Paso I sang in the choir and in a men's chorus group. I was having a ball.

I wish I could be young again -- This just doesn't work, to make it work would be violating the laws of Mother Nature (i.e. a miracle that only God can perform)

I wish I could go to the South Pole -- This is possible only as a team member in a scientific expedition. I am too old to get hired for even a volunteer position.

I wish I could eat peanuts and all the other good nuts, Peanut M&Ms, pecan pie, and foods containing seeds -- Dr. Said No (colonoscopy doctor) told me not to do this anymore.

I wish I could be an astronaut -- answer similar to why I can't visit the South Pole. I did volunteer once when I was working at NASA Houston Manned Space Center.

I wish I could drive a car 200 miles per hour or higher -- I am afraid to put my trust in the metal and rubber parts of the car. The fastest I have been is 150 mph (240 kilometers per hour) on the Autobahn. And 140 plus just a little bit on the U.S. highways.

I wish I could tell you all the other things I can never do even if I wished I could -- You are bored to tears if you got this far in the blog and I won't bore you any more. If you ask real nice and say you aren't bored I can make a part two for you.

So leave a comment for me and the rest of us. You might even wish to tell me of your unfilled wishes, attainable or not.

You can see this list is pretty silly. That is because I've done everything in life that I really needed to do and have done most of the things I've wanted to do.

So I don't complain (much) for me. However there are a lot of injustices in this world, a few of which affect me, and a lot of hurting people who do need things yet in their lives.

Also, God has been very good to me. But I realize that He is good to ALL his children so I didn't want to boast about that in the post. I don't feel I am any more blessed or loved than any other child of His. Mostly I was in the right place at the right times in my life and choose the right door to open.

Of course I did choose the wrong door occasionally but fortunately then somehow I listened for God's loving voice in time*** and found my way out of the wrong places. So far that is, I am not perfect at all, I have a lot of flaws and do get in a lot of hot water.

*** "whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things."
Philippians 4:8 (New King James Version)

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I wasn't bored!
So how can I manage to ask you very kind about the part two?
Tina, this morning after your comment I added the last four paragraphs.
You just did show your interest on my having a part two.
Thank you.
Play jazz. Go back to the day when I made my first mistake and start making them all again.
Good, Doug. I do go back a ways sometimes, you'd think sometimes that I don't learn from my mistakes.
Hey dad,

You can take a cruise to antartica (my boss did 2 years ago) with maybe a day excursion to the pole itself (not sure about that though).

140 mph on a US road? They throw you in jail for that now-a-days.

Thanks Mitch. I could also enter next years race. A whole bunch get dropped off from a ship and race to the South Pole. Anything goes, some use snowmobiles, some snow shoe, in the olden days they used dog sleds.

Speaking of speed, it runs in the genes. I remember someone who was clocked so fast around Orange, Texas, in his Porsche that he had to go directly to the police station with the patrolman. You might recall.
BTW, no telling how fast I would drive if I had a Corvette. Do you tell?
gotta tell you a story my younger years was always preparing to sing in the hollow of his hand for at least one of my thress sons and 2 daughters prior to there leaving aon lds missions....well one by one each one of them declined my invitation to sing....they are all grown but now i have 7 grands probably to turn me down to sing at their farewells one by one ...the first leaves in 10 do i get one of them to let me sing????
Mr. Putz, just get another grandkid and catch him/her very young. Probably they don't realize anything is wrong until they age a little and get more experienced with singin'.

Other than that, there is no hope. My relatives, young and old have no love for my singing. They even all laugh when I sing the 'Happy Birthday Song" to them.
Added bit, just smile like I do and they will love you for what you are and how you try (yes, your singing as well).
Your post is a source of inspiration! thanks for cheer me up!!
I wish I could keep the world happy and peaceful...
Happy weekend my friend!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!
Happy Birthday Patricia!

That's all the better I can sing. I hope your birthday was nice, Happy Birthday Patricia!

Thank you for saying nice things, may I wish along with you for a happy and peaceful world?
At your age you should stay below 120 mph.
I wasn't bored. Lets have some more.
The picture of you and babe on your previous post is a good one. You look like you just crawled off of a fishing boat.
It's quite something to be able to say you did what you needed to do and most of what you wanted to do in life.
Your list wasn't too long, so I didn't get bored.
I wish I could fly... not in a plane, but like a bird on my own.
Cliff, you'd a been bored if it was any longer, I know. Some are with JUST THIS.
Thank you for the compliment, I like to look and feel like I just got off a fishing boat.
I sure do not want to put on airs.

Jamie, about the only times when I wanted to fly was when I was/am depressed. Then I thought/think about trying, just jump out a high window (and fly?).
Dear Jim,
you are a blessed man,
and you now it.
And no, God is not so generous to every one. I've known quite a few in my professional life, the poor in spirit, who weren't.
Then again, the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs, Jesus says.

There is no way to figure out all the answers. Better accepting God's gift as just that; gifts.

I strongly recommend you to join a new choir.
There's so much joy connected to song and music.
One's got to rehearse too, you know.
For The Hallelujah Choir!
That'll be the day.
From Felisol
You CAN paint Mr. Jim and you do it with your camera.
You do it with your paint your friends a rainbow world!
And Mrs. Jim knows you can paint too.
By the looks of most of your posts, you and she and a lot of your family and friends are always "painting the town red" all those fancy restaurants!
Yes for sure and you are a very artistic 107 year old guy!

Aw!I can't help you here dear friend. I have heard you all over the blog world,singing "Happy Birthday"
Sometimes you have almost crashed my comuter!...Ha!
When I hired you as my singing telegram man, I was happy because there are very few birthdays that you have not sung for.
Actually, I think that you are improving though because I must say that you did a real good job on Gunnar's birthday!
I am the lucky one that you got kicked out of the choir because who else could I have hired for free to be my singing telegram man?

Ha!! You will never get old Mr. Jim! You have a young heart!
And you always will.
It is really hard to keep up with you sometimes!

I hear it is really COLD at the South Pole
Maybe after this freezing winter, Mr. Jim you will forget about this wish.
And I wonder if they even have internet there?
For sure and how could we live without you and Mrs. Jim and Adi and Katrin?

Mom Golden has the same problem Mr. Jim...
It IS a bad thing.
Dangerous too if you are not careful.
You can eat as much peanut butter as you want though, eh?
At least you aren't allergic to that!
Bernie lives on the stuff. He loves to put it on his burned English muffins!

"I wish I could be an astronaut."
All of us Christians will be astronauts one of these days Mr. Jim!
1 Thessalonians 4:17
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord

Wish you could do some serious speeding?
Oh boy! That wish might land you in ail Mr. Jim.
[Didn't I just tell you that you were young at heart]?
You would have to be bailed out by Adi!
Adi has gone more miles per hour than you. Didn't she fly that plane a few times over to Canada.
I don't know how fast an airplane flies but if she loves speeding like her Grandpappy then she was really flying!

Naw! You couldn't be boring if you tried.
I will be waiting for part two!

Dearest Mr. Jim ...One day you chose the right door to open and that was the door to your heart;
The knocker was Jesus.
You opened the door wide and in He came and in He will stay FOREVER! Terry
I found this interesting, not boring. I have alot of wishes. I always wished I could play the piano. I wish I had more free time. I wish I would have gotten more time with Pete. But you know the list could go on but I am thankful for what I do have!
I wasn't bored!! I really enjoyed this post Jim. I wish I could sing too! That would so nice!!

Driving 140 sounds pretty neat too. I have not driven that fast!!
Vroom... 200 miles an hour is so fast =)

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