Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Red roofed Jack-in-the-Box in San Antonio, 36 years ago

Thirty-six years ago, Mrs. Jim and I were married. We had a little trouble getting the wedding started but it was a good one once it got to going. (I was an hour late, not much fault of mine.)

We drove to San Antonio that evening in my T-Bird. It had gone over 120 MPH getting to the wedding but we drove sensibly on the way over.

We couldn't get our favorite hotel the wedding night so we had to settle for the Hilton. About midnight, I carried Mrs. Jim across the threshold.

We had breakfast the next morning at this Jack-in-the-Box which was across the street from our hotel on the river. It did not have a drive-though. The hotel was on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk (link 1)(link 2)(The San Antonio River Walk Photo Gallery) .

We changed hotels the next morning, our favorite was the La Mansión in the middle part of the river.

Our drive home Monday was nice. I had to go to school that evening so we didn't ...

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Great story. I love that old photo. I seem to recall Jack in the Box looking like that all those many years ago.

I've always wanted to go to San Antonio. Sounds like a beautiful place with the river running through it!

Happy Ruby Tuesday.
FUN post!!
Hope you had a great anniversary. I like Jack in the Box; they give me a senior discount on drinks.
Happy anniversary Jim and mrs jim.May there be many many more... and thanks for the trip down Memory lane...
Catching up on my reading here, Jim. I've been really busy lately and have missed some time reading blogs. ADI looks happy to be home from the vets office. Does she still have her green bandage on?..lol.

Looks like you and Mrs. Jim had a great honeymoon in San Antonio. TF and I went to Galveston for our honeymoon and we stayed at the Galvez. We got married on a Friday night and had the weekend for our honeymoon...TF had to be back to work on Tuesday morning, so our honeymoon was short and sweet.
Wow Mr Jim! =)
Hi Jim,
Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Jim!
I haven't seen a Jack-in-the-Box in years.
I liked your comment a couple of posts down "a vacation from our retirement life." I just remarked to my husband on President's Day that with retirement we didn't get holidays anymore. :)

My RT post is at Carletta’s Captures my new photoblog.
I like the old photo, too. And old t-birds. Happy Anniversary to you and your rose of San Anton.
Jim, what a great old photo! Never saw a Jack in the Box like that one! I like your bit of nostalgia...

Do you mean it about the car I posted that the guy is traveling incognito? I couldn't tell if you were kidding me or not...
M.Family (Cindy?JJ?) -- This J-i-t-B had doors on each end, it went through the block. We couldn't afford the hotel breakfast.

Laura - I will be checking your RT soon. (I hope, my scedule may not allow me to see everyone's) Thank you.

Ivon, ours does too, 50¢ discount for seniors. The Whataburgers have free drinks for seniors but no Dollar Meal.

Thank you Jeanette.

Lucy, our honeymoon was short and sweet also. We were married Saturday and I had to go to class Monday night. And San Antonio is a couple of hours longer travel than Galveston. Mrs. Jim was working in Galveston then, we sure did not want to go there.

Thank You Audrey. =)

Carletta, I am glad I could be of help (Dr. Jim likes to do that helping bit). Dr. Jim:
http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com/ We have a lot of Jack-in-the-Boxes around here. 200 Googled returns for Houston and near came up just now.

Thank you Doug, Mrs. Jim is an LSU Tiger. Nothing rosey about her, she is purple through and through.

Mary, I am sorry. Yes, I was "playing with words." Remember, dear blog readers, I don't believe lying is a sin unless it is malicious or hurts someone.
I try to paint with words a little too.
Dear Jim,
Your honeymoon pictures in red are wonderful.
Bet you missed in planning since you landed on Hilton!!
I double clicked your wedding picture.
It's just so honest and nice. The two of you holding hands, you firm and proud, Mrs. Jim like the Lily she still is.
You still are quite a couple.

I like teach Mary going gently on me.
It encourages me to keep on on the level I am, and in due time moving upwards.
I've changed from cellphone to powershot G9, but I still use the automatic..
My teacher husband did not say much yesterday, but he at least did not stop me from uploading.

I think Paul says something about the husbands going nicely with their women.
The pair of us (Paul and I) do agree on that theme.

Happy, happy anniversary to Mrs. Jim and you,
From Felisol
The day after breakfast at the Jack-in-the-Box had to be the second greatest thrill of your wedding. Hitting 120 MPH in the T-Bird was the first...right?
Happy Anniversary
36 years is quite the accomplishment!

love the vintage photo
It's neat to read about your wedding memories, Jim. I've never been to a Jack-in-the-Box. Have I missed anything?

Congrats on your 36th anniversary!

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday.

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