Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Speaking of romantic dinners ... (click here) Mrs. Jim and I had seafood at Hyden's tonight. It was good and a lot of it. We took a doggy bag home.
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Dear Mr. Jim
For your anniversary gift I left you a singing lesson over at my blog.
I haven't much time to write because I have Mrs. Mac and Princess Serina's birthday cards to make....Love Terry

Did you eat those doggie bags in the small hours of the night or did Adi get a little bite?
Happy 1st day of the 37th year. I missed sending wishes yesterday.
San Antonio is on my "bucket list" of places to visit.
Happy anniversary, Jim, what a great day to celebrate... 36 years! I think I will never make that number...
God bless!
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jim =)
Happy Anniversary! Sure would like to try some of that Seafood.

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