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Happy St. Patrick's Day! -- Ruby (Red) (Green) Tuesday -- The morning after or the night before?

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Actually it was both. After the night before our 42 game (played with dominoes) with friends at our house. This too is the night before, when an other couple came for Irish supper and socializing.

Below I will post some Ireland pictures from when we visited there last year:
(link for more of my blogging about our holiday then)

We had a very nice ride over from Killarney to Dingle.

Karen and Billy came with us this time. They rode on the Leprechaun Tour dolphin searching boat.

Another day we went to the Blarney Castle. Yes, I kissed stone again, people were saying I wasn't full enough of Blarney. Karen is doing it here. A person has to lay on her back to get her face down there to the stone.

Our last day was at Powerscourt. The garden there was where I fell and broke my kneecap the spring before. I had to come back home for more doctoring that time.

These are some 'road pictures' I took during our drive over to Powerscourt.

The food was exceptional there. We ate in the Pubs quite a bit. When mussels are the menu I generally have them. My next choice is fish and chips. The Jim Bunch doesn't miss many meals. I am not sure what Billy was eating.

One day we went to the city of Cork. Cork is fairly congested on Saturdays, the market is open that day. Billy couldn't find a parking place so he drove around the (large) block one time and we were finished cooking. For one thing we wanted to see where all the good food we had been eating came from.

I will finish with another picture from Powerscourt.
This is the Japanese Garden.

Link: to Powerscourt Web site for more

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Dear Jim,
what can be added to this perfect Irish stew.
A day at the horse races in Galway?
That's a folk feast I'll never forget.
Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day
From Felisol
Hey Mr. Jimmie ... I'm very impressed that you contorted yourself into a pretzel and kissed the Blarney Stone :)

Have you got your corned beef in the pot for dinner yet ... or are you having stew?
Those mussels look fabulous! The light orange broth requires a hearty bread for getting all the flavors from that dish. I wonder about that road along the coast that just drops a lane seemingly off that cliff (you wouldn't drive that T-Bird over 120 on that stretch, would you?)

A lush and beautiful country!
Marvelous array of interesting photos and information! Love the last one especially. I played at Small Reflections today ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Felisol, I have never been to a horse race. Car races, yes. Guess I'd better hurry if I make it to the horse race.

M&M, we had the last of the left-overs tonight for supper. Irish stew, Irish soda bread, and Irish cooked cabbage. Mrs. Jim made everything, this was the third and final time for this meal. She made two big pots of stew.
It has fed eighteen (18). I thought maybe another pot of stew would have been fine. (Mrs. Jim said 'no.')

Ralph, those roads are pretty and narrow. And people drive on the wrong side of the road (fast, not 120 mph, maybe 120 kmh). Ireland is very green from all the rain they get. We could use a little of it here in Texas.

S.Teller, this garden was at the bottom of the hill to the left of the lake. Mrs. Jim wanted me to come (she was waiting at the bottom of the hill) the first time we were there, me with my freshly broken kneecap and all (I had just fallen down the stairs) UNTIL she saw all the blood all over me.
Instead we headed to the ER, driven by the second in charge of Powerscourt.
I'm headed to you all's red/green pages now and will tell you the same there. Plus.
I guess you had a lovely trip! I love the green color in the first photo and the set of photos you included are nicely taken. I am sure you had a very interesting experience.

Happy RT!
Looks like you had a good trip and a good St. Patricks Day as well.
Wow, Jim, thanks for the wonderful tour of Ireland! All my ancestors come from there and I still have relatives in Limerick. Great Ruby/Emerald Tuesday! :)
Great post and visit back in time. You're fortunate.

5 sevens would have got you shot in card game in Deadwood a hundred years ago.
That was quiet a trip to Ireland....I love that castle, the good looking food and all of the pretty flowers. Happy Belated St. Patrick's day to you too..... I wish I could find a pot to gold at the end of the rainbow.
Hi Mr. Jim,
These are such beautiful pictures...almost like taking the trip with you and Mrs. Jim and the children..
The best food that the commenters have mentioned here is the Irish stew...I could use some of that!

Hey, I haven't heard from you since I emailed you last week Mr. Jim...What have you and that Adi been doin' lately ,eh?
Take care and has it been THAT long since you fell and broke your knee cap?
Our Teach is now sporting a very sore leg after her accident.
We are having a hard time staying on our feet these days! Ha!
Well like I have already said...Take care and God bless...Love Terry
What nice pictures. When you broke you kneecap, were you hanging out in a few to many Pubs??
Hey Jim,
I got so behind on comments that I hadn't made it here it. I have to learn not to sign up in memes when I'm going to be busy. :)

This is a lovely post. Your views of Ireland I enjoyed a lot. I like to think I'll make it there someday but for now I'll enjoy it through you.

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