Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Update -- 2009-03-23

Week of March 23, 2009 for the Jim Bunch:

It's funeral time:
Last Friday - Mrs. Jim's first cousin, Sam B. He was 44. Mrs. Jim and I went and came all the same day to Central Louisiana.
Yesterday - Billy's grandmother, Dorothy D. Ditto the travel, to & from East Texas
Tuesday - Ken F, a member of our Sunday school class. His will be at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Houston.

Last week other biggies:
- GC#3, Jenna, went to NYC this weekend with her U/H business club. She hadn't been there before. She said it was nice. Need to pick her brain in person now.
- GC#4, BP, and Billy went to Florida (Disney complex) and came back early for funeral.
- Karen to London for a week on a business trip. Wow, some business!
- Mrs. Jim and I have Air France reservations. Trip planned is Houston to Paris to Barcelona. Barcelona for a week. Then back to Paris for a week in France and possibly Belgium. Return to Houston from Paris.
Thursday - played golf first time this year. Mrs. Jim plays at least twice a week. Nice to be retired.
Saturday - sold our unneeded car, the '99 Cadillac. Got a reasonable price, not real great but the car needed to be out of the driveway. Besides a ten-year old car can break at any time and the repair bill might be more than our sales price.

This week's items (planned, not done):
Sunday (done) - The funeral in East Texas. Mrs. Jim taught 4th grade Sunday school and I taught my 70 and older Sunday school class lessons in the morning before the funeral.
Today - pay bills and do mailing. Mrs. Jim plays bridge in the afternoon.
Tuesday - Jim to the SS member, Ken's, funeral. Mrs. Jim plays golf.
Wednesday - Have brunch at the club. Son, Tim's, birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!
Thursday - Mrs. Jim meets with Antique Group, plays Canasta in the afternoon. Could attend "Down Under Travel" information. We don't have reservations yet. I have a 2:00 tee time (for golf).
Friday - 'Looking at the Sky' post for my P&P blog, may not do it this week. Mrs. Jim has 8:50 tee time. Evening is our group's Gourmet Dinner at a member's home.
Saturday - Car show Champion Forest in Houston. Dining In group for supper at a member's home.
Sunday - One Single Impression poem for P&P blog. Sunday school & church.

All week long or not scheduled (but on my ToDo list):
Work on my office cleanup and redecorate project.
Work through the 141 (just now's count) unanswered blog comments.
Make more arrangements for the European holiday travel.

Next week's (29th) stuff:
Nothing much out of our ordinary retired people activities. Continue what's not done above.
Our Weather for the week - highs, low 80's - 70s and lows, 60s. We think rain later in he week. Our Central Texas drought needs a lot.

If you like this I may continue for a while. I think the family likes it. They may wish to put some more of their activities here.

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wow, Jim, that's quite a schedule!

I am sorry about those funerals (but I also tend to be "jealous" if those people who aren't on this earth anymore were Christians because they're with the Lord now!)

Have a successful week!
That's a lot of funerals. Travel slow, please.
It sounds like you are way to busy, and I thought you were retired!!
Dear Jim ~~ Sorry you and Mrs. Jim
have had a few funerals -seems to be more the older we get. You sure
seem to have a busy schedule these
days, Don't overdo things.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I like the idea of posting a ToDo list. I might play copycat with it.

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