Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Update -- 2009-03-30

Week of March 30, 2009 for the Jim Bunch:

It's Jim Bunch eating time:
Last Friday - Gourmet Dining -- eight couples pool resources for neighborhood get-to-gether using a common menu prepared for the Ladies Organization dinner groups for March or April. Next time it will be a different menu and different people.
Saturday--Dining in group for neighborhood dining--Ladies Organization activities with twelve couple assigned to each of several groups.

Last week other biggies:
- GC#3, Jenna is back from NYC for a weekend with her U/H business club.
- Karen is back from London week long business trip.
- Billy and GC#3, BP, are back from spring breaking in Florida.
Karen spent Friday night. Her cat Amber left for their home Saturday afternoon.

This week's items (planned, not done):
Monday - 2:30 tee time with for Mrs. Jim and myself.
Tuesday - 10:35 Mrs. Jim's Birthday Group meets for lunch and card exchange. Twelve to fifteen ladies should be there.
- Adi and I plan to visit some of the elderly residents in our local assisted living home. Adi and I are a registered pet therapy team. Adi and I have been tested and are certified by the Delta Society as a registered Pet Partners team. Adi, by her visits, does more therapy than I do. She is classified as a 'therapy dog.'

All week long or not scheduled (but on my ToDo list):
I will work on our income tax and continue preparations for our April to May holiday in Europe.
Work on my office cleanup and redecorate project.

Next week's (April 6) stuff:

Nothing much out of our ordinary retired people activities. Continue what's not done above.

Our Weather for the week - highs, low 80's - 70s and lows, 60s. We think rain Tuesday. Our Central Texas drought needs more than what we had last week.

If you like this I may continue for a while. I think the family likes it. They may wish to put some more of their activities here.

A couple of cartoons Lois(picture), my Iowa Sister, liked that were in her Cedar Rapids Gazette:

Pluggers & old pickup lovers (
Adi trains me good (

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Yeah! I'm the first one here =)

Thank you so much for sharing with us. Please say "Hello" to Mrs Jim =)
Adi can offer therapy too?
Audrey`, Thank you, I told her about you. She was just asking me yesterday where 'in China' Singapore was located. We a geography lesson right there. She had forgotten Singapopore is its own country.

Doug, Adi and I have been tested and are certified by the Delta Society as a registered Pet Partners team. Paste this link:
Adi, by her visits, does more therapy than I do. She is called a 'therapy dog.'
So how did you do at golf?
No one will accuse you of just sitting around.
You should try some of that.
I do a lot of that but it's mostly at meetings.
Jim, interesting activities of family and friends. My hubby, Vinny, just finished our taxes...

I think Photobucket is pulling my leg and eliminating the photos I pick to put up for April Fools...Ha!
Gday Jim.. I knew Adi was a clever girl..I bet she gets a few tid bits from the elderly on her visits..Is pet therapy voluntary over their as it is here by the locals..
Ralph, I did my usual at golf. My handicap is 34 and slipping.

Cliff, I only sit around when I'm on the computer.

Mary, I didn't return to see how it all ended.

Jeanette, yes, it is voluntary. Some of the patients don't like dogs, some others like to watch them and talk with them but don't want to pet them. Adi understands it all but eats up the petting and loving.
I hear a lot of tales about the resident's dogs and about the dogs they have had earlier in life.

You had a busy week planned for sure. I hope it all has gone well.
Your family has been busy too. A trip to London sounds marvelous. I hope she had some free time outside of work to do some sightseeing.
Hello to Adi! She's very good at visiting. She brings smiles.


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