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Monday Update -- 2009-04-06 (posted on Tuesday)

Week of March 30, 2009 for the Jim Bunch:
Biggest item was going to the Shell Houston Open on Saturday. We got to see some famous golfers and a lot of up and coming ones.
Mrs. Jim and I played golf Friday afternoon. That made 36 holes for Mrs. Jim on Friday as she played in the morning with her lady friends.

Pictures below are of our (Bentwater) course.
Sunday, 5th, Cousin John
Friday, 10th, Granddaughter, Jenna (a biggy!)
Saturday, 11th, Cousin Jean (another biggy!)

This week's items (planned or done):
Monday night - had supper with my Sunday school class at Lubby's. Twenty-two of us came. Lubby's has their Luan Platter for $4.99 for seniors from 3 PM to 5:30 PM. We just made the time, Mrs. Jim and I each had one and shared a coconut meringue pie.
Tuesday - Mrs. Jim plays golf with the ladies, club wide. Adi and I will ride to the pro shop with her and take the long way walking home.
Wednesday - Charles and I have an afternoon tee time. Ralph, most times I am plus or minus my large handicap (34, it may go up).
- Mrs. Jim plays bridge at our house in the afternoon.
- Evening at church for good-bye party for Justin, our youth director.
Thursday - Thursday evening service at church.
- Mrs. Jim and I may see Beauty and the Beast (play) after church, it is at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. It is open now after Ike ruined it pretty well.
- I will continue on the income tax. I'd like to finish then.
Friday - Go to a ranch (overnight) north of town owned by a couple from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class. Party Saturday up there.
- If we go up Saturday morning instead Mrs. Jim will play golf with the ladies.
Sunday - Easter Sunday. Mrs. Jim and I each teach Sunday school classes. Meal will be with Karen, Billy, and BP.
All week long or not scheduled (but on my ToDo list):
- Work on income tax. My office cleanup and redecorate project is on hold.
- Make more arrangements for the European holiday travel.
Next week's (29th) stuff:
- Nothing much out of our ordinary retired people activities. Continue what's not done above.
- Our Weather for the week - highs, low 80's - 70s and lows, 60s. It will be cold tomorrow to start, almost freezing. Should get to a high of 71F. Our Central Texas drought still needs a lot more rain.

If you like this I may continue for a while. I think the family likes it. They may wish to put some more of their activities here.

By request: jjjjjjjjjjjjj

Fred wants to know all my other blogs:
Listed on my profile:
  • Ask Dr. Jim -- updated about every two or three weeks

  • JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO AND POEM PLACE -- updated one or two times a week

  • Not listed on profile: (these all have sporadic updates, at one time they were regulars)
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  • Jim's Life 1 -- To All the Girls I've Loved Before

  • jim's little Christmas tree farm

  • Dad gave me the keys

  • Pictures are from our 'Miller' course where Mrs. Jim and I played Friday (our other course is the 'Weiskopf ')
    Click any picture for larger view

    Super large: 1, 2, 3
    Left - Hole # 1 from the senior (white) tee box
    Center - Hole # 3 from the ladies' pink tee box
    Right - Hole # 5 from the senior tee box. Object is to get past the trees. The green is then farther than what you are seeing here. There's water on the left. This is a hard par four hole.

    Super large: 4, 5, 6
    Left - Hole # 10. This is another hard par five. The green is way around the corner to the right. We have to go over a little creek, bigger and deeper than the one in front here and then stay away from a deep sand trap on the right of the green.
    Center - Senior tee box on the long par five # 12.
    Right - Last of three regular shots, the green is down by the road.

    Super large: 7, 8, 9
    Left - My ball didn't go on the green. I did get on the green from here. Center - Our friends, Joe and Nancy live here on hole # 18. Hint, hint, their son made these nice wooden decks for them.
    Right - Start of hole # 18. The club house and pro shop are in those white buildings at the top of this little hill.

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    The Luan platter sounds like a good deal. What comes in it?
    Doug, one entree (meat, fish, etc), two vegetables, and bread are included in the Luan platter. The entree is a half portion of the regular one.
    Thanks for posting all of your other blogs. I have quite a few myself. At the risk of showing what a nerd I really am, here's one.

    I love playing bridge, too. I play it on pogo.com since no one I know is interested in learning.

    The Open was pretty good. I was rooting for Freddy, but I think he just got too tired at the end.

    Nice course. The Missus went with me once when we were in Hawaii just to take in the views. I got her to swing the club a few times. She hated it.

    It's supposed to be cold here tonight...in the 40s. Unheard of in April.
    Jim ~ Thanks for checking in on me buddy! I am glad I didn't have to go to the Boneyard Blogroll. Thx to Adi for stopping by too! It looks like all is well with the three of you! It looks like summer there. This last weekend it still looked like winter here on the plains! Later! ~ jb///
    Dear Jim,
    How green is your green in early April!
    If I'd be able to swing a club, I'd liked to be there.
    I think just walking around the slope plains would do me good.
    Might I bring my rucksack and a thermos?
    Two gulf courses here in the district and one in Sauda, my birthplace.
    The eternal wind is making trouble (and good excuses) for the golfers.

    I wonder where is Adi??
    I thought she was a fan and an enthusiastic golf car passenger.
    Take care in the silent week, Jim & family.
    From felisol

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