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August came in with a ride! -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Willie Nelson CD

I mentioned before about my collection of these NAPA calendars. I start with the second issue but do have a break of a few years in the late 90's and early 2000's. I may look for missing issues but it probably is not worth the effort.

This is my ride. It is a 1949 Ford F-1 pickup.

I drove one like this to high school for my last two years. The first two years of high school I rode my horse, Mini. I went to a two room country school house. She was a nice horse, but getting old (long in tooth).

For the last two years when I would go into Tekamah, Nebraska, my dad got a 1937 Ford tudor for me to drive. It was black, belonged to a little old lady, and was low mileage.

Dad decided for me that the brakes did not stop this car good enough and that he should buy himself a new Ford pickup which I could drive to high school. Not too many kids drove a new vehicle to high school and we weren't rich at all. In fact the opposite, fairly poor.

I was to have this nice truck again in college after I broke my foot in an ROTC extra curricula Pershing Rifles activity.

One more thing. Someday I may buy a restored truck like this. I have one in mind. It's real nice.

Ruby Red Tuesday part:

In my last posted meme (link) I posted this Q&A:
Question # 17 -- What was the last CD you purchased?
Answer -- Willie Nelson.

Doug, of Walking Ambrose, asked which CD it was and I said that "I will tell the title and why I bought it in another post."

Well, you can read the title on the label.

I bought it because it was one of the few that had his song, "To all the girls I've loved before," and on to "Who travelled in and out my door I'm glad they came ..." (
link to lyrics). It was a 1984 song by singers Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson, which first appeared on Iglesias's album 1100 Bel Air Place.

I was going to play this CD in church before I gave my Christian testimony at our Men's Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast. I did not play it there, however. That was because our organist played the piano while his wife and son sang a whole bunch of songs for us. Of course playing Willie Nelson would not sit right after their lovely singing.

That testimony was the beginning of my first memoirs which is still a work in progress. This one would tell events of my life, including my Christian walk, as influenced by the various girls and ladies who entered into my life. You can see a rough beginning of the WIP on my seldom read or updated blog, "
To all the girls I've loved before."

- - - - - - - - - -

Okay, I am way behind in my blog visits and my posting is scanty. I do go down my blog roll and do a few regular visits. So I should get to you.

If you want me to visit you faster, stop by here and leave a comment. Answering/returning those has priority over the ones on my blog roll.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
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I like the F-1, either a flathead 6 or 8. A stylish truck of its day, and old Henry would have been proud of the fine color chosen...Willie is a fine writer, and the song you mention is a soulful story, perhaps painful. A nice post!
Beautiful. I love those late 40s, early 50s pick-ups.
looks cool!

i know nothing about trucks though!lol!
Kewl 'truck' calendar and CD. As my dad used to say to me, if they make YOU happy, they make me happy ;--)

I'm having trouble keeping up with blogging too ... but I've adopted the philosophy that I'll do what's fun when I have time ... and let the rest go.
Hugs and blessings,
Nothin' wrong with a little Willie Nelson in your day. Have a great RT.
Interesting combination of thoughts here, Jim. From old vehicles to Willie's lyrics.

I'm way behind in blog visiting as well. Just can't keep up!

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Jim.
Nice pickup in your blog. You forgot one very important thing about that pickup, though...it whistled. I know you had to be going about 35 miles per hour by Grandpa Hovendick's house, no faster, right? Or it wouldn't be whistling & he would know you were going too fast.

I got to drive that pickup to school, too (14-years old?). I drove all the time my last year and a half so we'd come out even on cousin driving-riding (with John, then Jack).

John told me that when cars pulled way over to the shoulder-side when you were meeting them, that you (me!) were probably too close to the center line. That helped me a lot.

I know you taught me how to drive, going up to Uncle Howards, I think, to do chores when they were gone, with me driving after we got around behind the grove. Is that right?
HI Jim! I like Willie too! I haven't had much time for blogging lately. Hope all is well with you. How's your new grandbaby getting along?
That is such a neat truck. I envy you if you do get to own one. We have just the shell of a '48 or '49 and have been trying to sell it for years.
Hi Jim,
I like that old truck. I just believe those old ones have so much more character than today's auto.
Willie - I love Willie! When that song came out I used to change the word girl to boy. Willie is a wonderfully humble person. You have to love that guitar he still uses. :)
Have a great Tuesday!
I so love Willie!!! We got the privilege of seeing him in a live concert..."On the Road Again"

My RT is posted. And just above is a unscientific poll you may want to cast your 'vote'. Happy Tuesday.
I love album art and your Willie Nelson is a classic!!

My raceway shot this week was a happy accident
I was actually trying to capture a shot of a squirrel in the shrubs and didn't realize what I had until I uploaded

I love when that happens
the red cars were just a wonderful coincidence

hugs to Baby KP
I forgot to mention
no comment remains hidden, I always check old posts - for a week or more
and I agree with you :)
The last CD I purchased Jim was Michael McDonald...love him! Read you offer of a Blue Bonnet Texas postcard I'll send you my home address and you send me yours. I'll send you a genuine Ruby Tuesday RED lighthouse postcard... promise! :)
I like the truck Jim!! Those old trucks are cool, and I enjoy seeing them!

Great RT picture!
Lovely, lovely pics
Hi Jim ~ Thank you so much for sending the soup recipe!

I'll add it to my contribution for our niece. She is a single mom and plans to cook with her little Ava and tell her about the people who shared their recipes.

Hmmmm...now how will I describe you?

Gracias, amigo.
Jim, the little RED lighthouse sits under the George Washington Bridge. You really can't see it from the Bridge. You have to walk down a VERY steep hill to see it. Send me your home address (if you haven't already) and I'll send you a postcard. Happy Ruby Tuesday again! :)
my last ced was a willie nelson featuring his cowboy, pancho lefty, san antonio rose, on the road agin....and the one before that was willie and his oldies, harbor lights,
the george washington BRIDGE is the one bodies were thrown off of

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