Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Famous Grouse Experience -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- A distillery tour

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The Famous Grouse Experience is a nice tour of the Scotland’s oldest distillery, Glenturret. This is a short drive from our B&B in Crieff, which is outside of Glasgow a bit. Some of the Famous Grouse Scotch Whiskeys are made there. Most of the effort is in one ingredient, the Glenturret single malt. (link)

We were there in the Fall of 2007 after my knee had fairly well recovered. I had fallen in Ireland earlier in the Spring and broke my kneecap. So we had to come home then. (link) Now we got to see Scotland after all.

There was a nice little snack shop where we purchased some pastry and had a sample sandwich. That made a nice tide-me-over till supper time.

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The sign said garden. This is it, not a garden to tramp around in but instead a nice water garden to watch from their nice foot bridge.

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When we got back to Crieff we were very ready for a nice fish 'n' chips plate with mushy peas. After supper Mrs. Jim had some sticky taffy pudding. The whole meal was sumptuous. We would eat in that little cafe quite often.

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Looks like a great place to visit and the two of you sure look happy.
Looks like lots of fun. Fish and chips is a yummy meal. Now I'm hungry.

You two make a great looking couple.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
looks like you two had so much fun good shots(pictures) and good food
The wee bit of red offers a great bit of character to the stucco distillery. The view of all is lovely, you are a beautiful couple. What a trip!
Must be a great experience!

Here is my Ruby Tuesday entry.
Love that brook, and the food does look tasty. You are obviously having a great time!
I can see the two you had a great time!
Wow, would love to see that. Very nice.
You did these photos so well, this looked like a proper advertisement! Sounds like a great place to visit. I can tell by your faces that you enjoyed it.
aww..you and mrs jim look so happy!!

best wishes..
Both you and Mrs Jim looked so radiant in the photo =)

Thank you so much for visiting my twitter account, Dr Jim. I'm so grateful. The picture was my friend's pet dog in the Philippines. It was taken a few months ago. They've 7 pet dogs at home.

Take care, Dr Jim.
You've shared a great time with us Jim. Lovely and quaint!
Beautiful water garden.
I had to smile at your title. I was out taking pictures yesterday of the fall leaves and we were on a back road when a grouse ran across our path. I saw one last fall and now this one. Never got a chance for a picture or I could have had my own Famous Grouse Experience. :)
oh mr.jim!
what a beautiful country is scotland.
and for sure did you know that both of bernie's parents were born in glasgow and that i think makes bernie 100 per cent real scotch.
at least he knows his roots.
the golden clan is "heinz 57" if you know what i mean.
english, irish, scotch and, jew[from my dad's side of the family]

oh what a delightful picture of that handsome couple. i might just have to swipe it just before halloween to make someone special to bernie and me a birthday card post!.....love terry

ps give adi lots of hugs!
do you need a babysitter when you go on that future trip...let me know but please remember that adi will need a passport this time, eh?
what an interesting place! the lovely smiles tell us you had great fun.
This place looks really relaxing! :) Happy RT! my RT entry is here.
I don't drink alcohol but it would be lovely to learn something at the distillery.

Aha! caught you stealing Mrs Jim's meal while the picture was being taken. :D
what a nice place and it looks like u guys really have fun!

thanks for sharing!

u may view mine if u have time
Hi Jim. The fish and chips look good, that is one of my favourite dinners. Something I like to try on my fish and chips from time to time is a little mint sauce. I wonder if you got to taste any whiskey?
Sticky pudding sound so yummy. Is there a recipie for that. Lovely pictures.

stop in for a visit.
Ahhhhh...Scotland, be still my heart!
distillery tour
whiffs of whisky in the air
sip some—if you dare!

My Ruby Tuesday
looks Wonderful. I'd like to go to Scotland.

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