Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's over your bed? — MidWeek Blues — Not a ceiling fan I hope

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I have a ceiling fan over my bed of which I am scared almost to death (blue) if it ever runs when I'm in bed. The little bear is reminding me to not turn on the fan.

What if the fan were to fall on me?

Not is not an uncommon worry. And more men worry about that than do women. Of course women have less sense for danger than men. As a general rule.

"Ceiling fans are a terrific way to keep rooms cool without air conditioning. ... But for safety reasons, you should not hang a fan directly over a bed. ..." (link 1) (link 2)

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What's Over My Bed - Post a photo(s) of what is above your bed.- Tell us about it.- Of course, put a link back to Alice at I Was Born2Cree8.- Let all your friends know to come play.- Read the 'rules' there first.

Note: It sounds like a one time thing to me unless you have a lot of junk over your bed.

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Without a ceiling fan, from what do you hang a sword?
Even one time means a lot of nonsense to take a picture of a wall.
I couldn't sleep under a fan and the bear would only make it worse.
How did the fan get there? Did the former owners put it there? Can't you disconnect it somehow? I'd be scared to sleep under it whether it was on or off. We have one ceiling fan over our dining room table and it hasn't fallen yet.
Hmmmm, well my fan is over my bed otherwise there is no other place to put it! Now I might have nightmares of it falling on me...just kidding. I think my husband added some sort of extra support to least that is what I will tell myself.

Thanks for posting Midweek Blues.

Blue Moon is brewed by Coors. I only learned about it this year from my daughter.
No ceiling fan over my bed, Jim. I would be afraid too!

You asked about the the blue glass on the artits's roof:
The artist holds an open house every fall. We happened to be out in his area last week so I tool a couple of photos from the side of the road. I hope to attend the open house next year to get more photos of his sculptures which he has all over his property. :)
Hi Jim ~~ I can understand you worry
about ceiling fans over the bed.
I have one but it is not right over the bed and I do use it but often turn it off about 3 am. Though lately it goes all night. BUT we have had a cool change and a really great day after the heatwave.
The fire risk has eased for now.
I am glad your weather is warming up a little and hope you don't get any more days of teen temps.
You are a good guy to help Mrs. Jim get ready for her Bridge ladies
Glad you liked the jokes. Take care. my friend, Regards, Merle
but what if that bear jumps down and gets you ... !!
i am a fan of dr. jim, ia am a fan with a teddy bear on the top of dr.jim...i would like the bear to juimp down and get you
Jim, this is the first time I've ever heard that you should not put a fan over your bed! We have one in each bedroom over the bed. They haven't fallen yet and if they were to, guess who I'm going to blame for it???? Since you mentioned it, I'll have to blame you!! :)
Dear Jim,
The fan worry is just an appropriate
worry item.
My brother usually says to my Mom, "this is a good worry-able thing. If that es, something worse will turn up.
We should all learn from you; find ourselves an oversee-able worry object!

Question from Gunnar, "Why did your motorcycle have to go out when your flat became bigger. (Children or no children).
When I first met Gunnar he had a giant kitchen with a cat and an MG engine as focal points.
From Felisol
Fans over the bed scare me too, and I'm female :P

I meant to tell you {warning this is totally off topic} I am doing the eat breakfast every day thing too and I skipped two days (overslept) I never realized what a difference that could make! I had horrible headaches both days and just felt BLAH. Got back to eating breakfasts every day again and I feel better - lost 5 pounds so far too! :D
We don't have a ceiling fan over our bed. I wouldn't put one there either. Even I know that. Yikes.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
How FUNNY ;-)
I love the little fuzzy critter on your fan!!! Of course, I'm one who has a fan above my bed and it's often on all summer long. I've never considered being afraid of it and sleep quite soundly to it's soft hum.
Hugs and blessings,
oh oh..we have a ceiling fan over our bed too mr. jim and after reading this post, you have me thinking. what if it DID ever come loose?
which reminds me of a joke that we golden kids used to tell[probably got it from dad golden].
what do you call a bird that gets caught in the fan?
answer....shredded tweet!
love terry
Thanks so much for sending the links to your VanGogh posts. You are a lucky dog getting to go to St Remy.

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