Monday, March 15, 2010

60,000 and counting

My visitor No. 60,000 this morning (Mar 15 2010) at 9:10:20 am!!

That's not a lot for quite a few bloggers but it is doing great for this blog (and me).

The picture at right is what I think she looks like! (previously posted here) If you are the actual--or wanna be-- No. 60,000 send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and I will mail you an autographed picture of Mr. Tin Man and myself that I use as a profile picture.
You can e-mail for my address. (jhovendic [at]

My other blogs have some more for me, although not nearly that many. JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO AND POEM PLACE (link) is next with 14,258 as I write this. Ask Dr. Jim (blog) (link) is a third with 9,560 comes in third. I have neglected the latter lately but hope to get it more active soon.

I might quit writing when it hits 100,000. My dad used to stop driving his cars when they got that high of a mileage. He died before Mom's Mustang II got this high. I have it now, with 68,000 miles.

Question: Did your basketball team make the Final 64 last night? My team, the University of Houston Cougars did! They are seeded # 13 in the Midwest Bracket.

Congratulations too go to Coach Tom Penders. This is the fourth different team he has guided to the Finals.

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Hey, congratulations, although nobody is in the finals yet.
Congratulations on the 60,000 and your great imagination.

Love the Mustang too.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Congrats on the 60 Thousand.

As to the Basketball -- I'll leave that to folks who care about such things.
Hi Jim,I'm not surprised you have 60,000 posting such beautiful pictures, the lady is pretty nice too. I see now where I'm going wrong, I need to post pics like that on my blog - pics of cars I mean not ladies. I don't think I would make 40,000 if I went posting pics of ladies, Mrs Bob would see to that! Bob.
march madness confuses me beyond belief!!

congrats on 60K
oh boy!
you sure have had a LOT of visitors mr. jim and that is counting only the ones that comment.
what about all the others who read you and don't comment.?
you are one popular fellow.
i just bet that the reason the number is so high too, is that you always post a ruby tuesday!
don't even think about quitting blogging mr. terry
wow That is cool and steady old car
very nice sweety
Cool, i'm still down to around 20,000 thousand visitors. Only 1 third of the way there! Nice car! My dad likes to trade them in after only 30,000 miles, or whenever the warranty expires. : )

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